Discraft Hades Vs Scorch: Which Driver Is Better?

A Discraft Hades vs Scorch side by side on a white background

There’s nothing quite like understable drivers. Once you’ve cracked a consistent 300+ of distance, for most people, these are your furthest flying and, let’s face it, the most fun discs to throw.  Let’s look at two relatively new and reasonably similar understable distance drivers from Discraft’s lineup and see which one will give you the …

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Disc Golf Worlds 2021: Drama At The Championships

James Conrad playing at the Disc Golf Worlds Championship in 2021

Disc Golf Worlds in 2021 was a championship for the history books. When the coronavirus pandemic brought the pro tour to a halt and canceled the 2020 World Championships, the sport experienced massive growth. Seemingly overnight courses across the country were jam-packed and manufacturers struggled to keep up with unprecedented demand. Interest in competitive play …

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Prodigy D3 vs D4: Which Distance Driver Is Best?

A photo comparing the Prodigy D3 vs D4

If you ask someone who bags strictly Prodigy which of the distance drivers are their favorite, more often than not, it’ll boil down to the Prodigy D3 vs. D4. Both of these discs get insane distance and are comfortable in the hand right out of the box. However, individual runs can vary, so take our …

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Thought Space Athletics Praxis Review

A blue Thought Space Praxis on a white background

The best piece of advice I ever received is the same advice I give most often to newer players: use putters. Neutral-flying putters will show you what you’re doing much more often than fairway or even midrange drivers. Besides, they’re much easier to control. At first, my neutral putter of choice was an Innova Aviar …

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The 10 Best Disc Golfers Of All Time

Paul McBeth getting ready to tee off

Let’s cut to the chase – there’s always an ongoing discussion of who the Top 10 greats are in every sport. The GOAT, if you will. And naturally, the talks from fans and players typically weigh things like history, streaks, winnings, and overall performance stats, to name a few.  When it comes to disc golf, …

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Jeremy Koling: 9 Interesting Facts About Big Jerm

A photo of professional disc golfer Jeremy Koling

Jeremy Koling: pro disc golfer, one half of the Big Sexy commentary team, the Practice Round Prince, and an all-around delightful guy with a huge personality that many disc golfers know and love. Big Jerm is hugely popular for many reasons… but do you think you know everything about him?  As accessible as Big Jerm …

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The 15 Best Discs For Backhand Throws

Three disc golf discs on a green grass background that are good for backhand players

Here’s how we picked this list of the best discs for backhand throws (skip ahead to jump straight to the reviews.) Learning the ins and outs of disc golf means taking in a mammoth amount of information- throwing technique, disc reviews, etc. Let’s take it back to simpler times and discuss the humble backhand. Do …

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