simplydiscgolf.com is a group of passionate disc golfers who love writing about the sport. Our team includes both amateur and professional PDGA tournament-winning players who share their wealth of expertise on the site.

Meet Our Team

Luke McCarthy | Editor

Simply Disc Golf editor Luke McCarthy

Luke is the main editor at SDG. Every guide, review, and article has to pass through him before it goes live on the website. He brings over nine years of disc golf experience to the table and is a member of the “Noodle Arm Disc Golf Club.”

Fun fact: In his nine years of playing, Luke has never had an ace!

Mandy Lee | Writer

Mandy Lee a disc golf content writer

Mandy has been been a self-described “disc golf addict” since she was a teenager and has continued to play at least one round per week since she was in high school (rain or shine.) You will find her mostly bagging Discmania, Thought Space Athletics, Mint Discs, and Kastaplast. When she isn't playing disc golf you will find her hunched over a table dyeing her favorite discs.

Denis Flaschner | Writer

Denis is a professional disc golfer and has won multiple PDGA B & C-Tier tournaments. His bag is mostly stocked with Innova and he throws mainly OG molds like the Teebird, Aviar, and Roc. When he isn't playing or writing about disc golf, you will find Denis at the nearest hiking trail, hanging with his dogs, or playing his new obsession: pickleball. Denis brings a wealth of experience to Simply Disc Golf and is passionate about growing the sport.