About us

At Simply Disc Golf, we’re all about stripping back the noise and getting to the heart of what makes disc golf an amazing sport. We believe in the joy of the simple throw, the camaraderie of a shared game, and the thrill of watching that perfect flight path. From our humble beginnings to now, we’ve been driven by a desire to share our love for disc golf with the world, in the most accessible and engaging way possible.

Our Story

Born from a love of the game and a thirst for comprehensive, authentic disc golf content, Simply Disc Golf was founded in the vibrant heart of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. It was on these legendary courses that three passionate players – Denis Flaschner, Kyle Labine, and Mandy Lee – first crossed paths.

The sparks of friendship were immediate, as were their shared frustration at the lack of reliable and accessible disc golf resources. From this common ground, an idea was born: a blog that would not only share their experiences, but serve as a guiding light for all disc golfers, regardless of their skill level.

Our Team

Denis Flaschner – Writer/Editor (Pro) | PDGA #49081

Denis Flaschner author

As a professional disc golfer, Denis brings a level of expertise to Simply Disc Golf that is both authentic and unparalleled. Having competed on the biggest stages in disc golf, he is intimately familiar with the ins and outs of the sport. His passion for disc golf goes beyond the course – it’s a lifestyle. When he’s not throwing discs in Golden Gate Park or penning insightful reviews, he’s always on the hunt for the next big thing in disc golf.

Kyle Labine – Author (Amateur) | PDGA #145718

Kyle Lavine author

Kyle is the embodiment of tenacity and determination. An avid amateur disc golfer, he dreams of turning pro. The countless tournaments he’s played have not only sharpened his skills but also given him a unique perspective on the sport. Kyle’s posts are a treasure trove of personal anecdotes, learnings, and tips, helping beginners and seasoned players navigate the intricate world of disc golf tournaments.

Mandy “Miss Sidearm” Lee – Author (Amateur)

Mandy Lee Disc Golf Author

With a heart as big as her drive, Mandy brings a unique blend of passion and lightheartedness to Simply Disc Golf. A player for over five years, Mandy’s real joy comes from teaching kids how to play disc golf. Her posts echo her spirit, offering easy-to-understand advice and encouragement to newcomers. Through her work, she hopes to inspire the next generation of disc golfers.

Our Mission

Simply Disc Golf is more than just a blog – it’s a community for disc golf lovers. We strive to provide easily digestible, authentic, and impactful content, making disc golf more accessible to everyone. We believe that everyone has a place on the course, and through our insights, reviews, and stories, we hope to make your disc golf journey a bit easier and a whole lot more fun.

Join us on this journey, and let’s experience the joy of disc golf, simply.