The 15 Best Discs For Backhand Throws

Three disc golf discs on a green grass background that are good for backhand players

Learning the ins and outs of disc golf means taking in a mammoth amount of information- throwing technique, disc reviews, etc. Let’s take it back to simpler times and discuss the humble backhand. Do you consider yourself a backhand thrower? Chances are, you’re in the majority. Many of us learn the backhand first (unless you’re …

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11 Basic Disc Golf Rules For Beginners

A hole sign displaying basic disc golf rules for beginners to read.

New to disc golf and looking for a comprehensive guide to all of the disc golf rules? We’ve got a clear breakdown of everything you need to know about playing this game properly. If you are an experienced player playing a tournament, check out our disc golf tournament rules guide. You could get the official …

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Joralemon Park Disc Golf Course – An In-Depth Review

A disc golf basket at Joralemon Park disc golf course in Albany New York

If you are looking for a fantastic disc golf course in the heart of upstate New York, look no further than Joralemon Park. Located just 20 minutes outside of Albany, this lush 18-hole course with wide-open fairways is the perfect place to test your disc golf skills. Read on for a full review of this …

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How Many Discs Do You Need For Disc Golf?

Three disc golf discs that you need photographed on the grass

Welcome to the great big world of disc golf. As a beginner, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all of the information out there regarding the many aspects of disc golf. Curious about how many discs you actually need to play this awesome game? You’ve come to the right place; today we’re answering just how many …

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The Best Of Huntington Beach Disc Golf

A disc golf basket at a Huntington Beach disc golf course

So you’re in Southern California and want to take advantage of the beautiful weather with a round of Huntington Beach disc golf. I can’t think of a better way to spend a vacation, especially at either of these courses. Huntington Beach Central Park Disc Golf Course This course makes it to the top of my …

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What Is A Provisional In Disc Golf? Shot Rule Explained

A disc golf player demonstrating the provisional shot rule on the course

Have you started learning more about your disc golf journey and encountered unfamiliar terms? That’s natural! Today we’ll be discussing provisional disc golf rules.  So, What Is A Provisional Shot? A provisional shot is an extra throw that a player may take that does not get added to his score if it is not used …

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The Portland Open Disc Golf Tournament: Winners & Info

Drew Gibson standing at the Portland Open disc golf tournament

The Portland Open disc golf tournament is one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious events every summer. Every year, nearly a thousand players from all over the country (and the globe) travel to compete in this three-day event. Glendoveer, a private, world-class venue, is the newest host of the PO. This tournament is such …

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9 Surprising Kona Panis Disc Golf Facts

A Photo of Kona Panis, Professional Disc Golf Player Putting In Tournament

The perennially sunny Kona Panis made disc golf headlines in 2022 when she left Innova for Dynamic Discs. Her confidence and sass make her a fun follow on social media, so we got curious. What’s behind that big, beaming smile? If you’re just getting introduced to this disc golf up-and-comer, here are some interesting facts …

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