The Best Disc Golf Courses in Cleveland, OH

Friends of Punderson disc golf course

Discover the best disc golf courses in Cleveland, Ohio, where courses like Sims Park, Friends of Punderson, and Portage Lakes offer fun and challenging rounds for players of all skill levels.

Join me as I review Cleveland’s top-rated disc golf courses and give you the good, bad, and ugly.

1. Findley State Park Disc Golf Course

So I recently had the pleasure of playing the Findley State Park disc golf course in Cleveland, Ohio, and let me tell you, it lived up to the hype. This course has received rave reviews and is currently the highest-rated course in the area, according to Udisc, so I was eager to see what all the hype was about.

Before diving into the details, I have to share a hilarious moment from my round.

On one of the holes with a questionably narrow fairway, I threw what I thought was the perfect hyzer flip, only to have my disc ricochet off a tree and land in a shallow stream.

But that’s not the funny part.

Just as I was about to grab it, a freaking squirrel grabbed my disc and carried it a few feet before dropping it and scurrying off. That was definitely a first for me lol.

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On to my review..

Findley State Park disc golf course is a challenging and scenic course that makes terrific use of its wooded surroundings.

The dedication and love poured into this course by its many clubs and volunteers was quickly evident, with brooms on every concrete tee pad and fantastic hole maps at each tee.

A big shoutout to the passionate volunteers who keep this course in pristine condition, ya’ll are great ambassadors for the sport.

The thing I liked most about this course was the variety of hole layouts that required different shot types, keeping me on my toes and making use of pretty much my entire bag.

The island shots were particularly dope and added a fun challenge to the round.

The course also boasts some beautiful scenery, with unique carvings and handmade benches that add to its serene, foresty vibe.

Case in point:

Findley State Park Disc Golf Course

While playing the red tees, I found them to be quite challenging, even for an intermediate player like myself (which I liked). There were a couple of holes where the signage was slightly confusing, but nothing that couldn’t be resolved with the help of the UDisc app.

Although the course was a bit muddy in some areas and had a few worn down bridges and trails, these minor drawbacks did not detract from the overall experience.

My day at Findley State Park disc golf course was truly enjoyable, filled with laughter, challenges, and stunning surroundings. If you’re in the Cleveland area, I highly recommend checking out this disc golf gem. Just watch out for those mischievous squirrels! 😉

2. Friends Of Punderson Disc Golf Course

Next on my list is the Friends of Punderson disc golf course, the second-highest rated course in the Cleveland area, and I’m excited to share my experience with you all!

Friends of Punderson is a stunning, technical course that demands a variety of shots and disc selections. With three tees and two baskets for every hole, there are endless layout possibilities (which can be slightly confusing).

The island basket and platform tee box over the lake were by far my favorite parts of the course, however they were particularly challenging during my glow round.

Some tee signs at the boxes were a bit inconsistent, but the UDisc layout was perfect. The course navigation was generally smooth, with helpful signs on trees guiding the way.

The course is well-maintained and features beautiful, scenic landscapes. The plant-filled lake borders multiple holes, adding a gorgeous backdrop to your game. Be prepared for a challenge, as this course really tests your skills!

Friends of Punderson disc golf course

Playing the red tees provided a woodsy, immersive experience. The signs were easy to follow, making for a smooth first-time visit. Keep in mind that rain could make the course a bit muddy so make sure to bring a fresh towel and shoes you don’t care about.

There were a few moments of confusion with the different layout options, but following the signs on trees and the embossed bricks on each tee pad kept me on track and I was able to figure it out (hey you’re talking to a high school graduate here thank you very much).

The variety and diversity of this course make it an exciting and unique experience.

In conclusion, the Friends of Punderson disc golf course offers a challenging, beautiful, and technical experience. It’s an absolute must-play for anyone in the Cleveland area. So, gather your discs and get ready for a memorable round at this incredible course!

3. Portage Lakes Disc Golf Course

Portage Lakes offers a fun, challenging layout with a mix of tunneled wooded and open shots. The beautiful lake comes into play on multiple holes, adding a captivating backdrop to your game (and potential danger).

The course is extremely well-maintained by local clubs, who clearly take pride in keeping it clean. Hats off to you guys!

Portage Lakes Disc Golf Course

Beginners: expect water hazards and a fair amount of elevation changes. However, with the variety of both long and short holes, every skill level can still have fun; even pros like Ricky Wysocki!


The course features excellent signage at tees and baskets, making navigation incredibly easy for first-time players and directionally challenged people like myself.

One of the best features are the variety of layouts, as you can switch up the basket and tee combinations for a different experience each time.

While some holes may require a “throw and pray” strategy (it can be hard to find your disc), Portage Lakes is a beautiful and technically challenging course. Just be cautious with your valuable discs, because you might lose a few in the water (like I did).

If you’re in the Cleveland area, don’t miss out on this fantastic course!

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