The Best Disc Golf Courses In Appleton, Wisconsin

Plamann Disc Golf Course in Appleton Wisconsin

Appleton, a vibrant city in Wisconsin, is home to a plethora of outdoor activities, historical sites, and cultural attractions. But, it’s the thriving disc golf scene that truly sets this city apart. Explore the top disc golf courses, essential tips, and local resources to elevate your Appleton disc golf experience.

Best Disc Golf Courses in Appleton, WI

1. Plamann Park Disc Golf Course

Plamann Disc Golf Course in Appleton Wisconsin

Set amidst the sprawling 257-acre Plamann Park, this 18-hole disc golf course is a must-visit for both beginners and seasoned players. With a mix of open fields, wooded areas, and elevation changes, this course offers a balanced and exciting challenge.

The diverse layout, which incorporates open and wooded fairways along with elevation changes, provides a stimulating challenge. The concrete tee pads are a great touch and the option to add an extra 9 holes between holes 11 and 12 allows for a more intense round.

However, it’s essential to be prepared for potentially muddy conditions on holes 1-4 after heavy rain or snow melt. I also recommend bringing bug spray and a towel if you plan to play early in the morning, as the course can be quite buggy and wet during those hours (mosquitos).

While the par is set with beginners in mind, I found the shots to offer a fair degree of difficulty, making the course suitable for players of all skill levels. The friendly local disc golf community and the well-maintained course make Plamann Apple Creek a must-play destination for disc golf enthusiasts looking for a challenging and rewarding round even for kids and female players.

Course Quick Facts:

  • 18 holes with concrete tee pads
  • Mix of open and wooded fairways
  • Elevation changes and water hazards
  • Lots of mosquitos (bring repellant)
  • Hole distances range from 200 to 570 feet
  • Holes can be wet/muddy (bring a towel)
  • Restrooms and picnic areas available

2. Telulah Park Disc Golf Course

Telulah Disc Golf Course in Appleton

Telulah Park’s 18-hole disc golf course provides players with a dynamic experience, featuring tight wooded fairways, open greens, and an abundance of natural obstacles. Its picturesque setting along the Fox River makes for a memorable round of disc golf.

The redesigned Telulah Park disc golf course features nine holes, with three of them set in the woods, offering a good mix of open and wooded fairways. It’s beginner-friendly, yet provides enough variety to make it an excellent practice course for more experienced players like myself.

Although it’s a relatively simple layout, I appreciated the well-placed obstacles, especially on hole 7. The course can get crowded at times, but it’s a great spot for locals to play quick practice rounds when the park is quiet. However, be prepared for wet conditions, as the course can become quite muddy.

While I do miss the old 18-hole layout, the new design has its merits, with improved safety and separation from other park activities. The only downside is the outdated signage, which could benefit from updated distances.

Overall, Telulah Park Disc Golf Course is a fun, little course suitable for players of all skill levels, from the best disc golfers in the world to brand newbies.

Course Highlights:

  • 18 holes with concrete tee pads
  • Scenic views of the Fox River
  • Tight, wooded fairways and open greens
  • Can get muddy
  • Challenging elevation changes
  • Parking and restroom facilities available

3. Pierce Park Disc Golf Course

Pierce Park disc golf course

I recently had the chance to play at the Pierce Park Disc Golf Course, and I found it to be a delightful experience. This 9-hole course, set in a clean and well-maintained city park, offers a mix of wooded fairways and open shots, with a particularly enjoyable hill shot. The abundance of trees adds an element of challenge, while still remaining beginner-friendly.

What I particularly appreciated about this course was the alternate route, which effectively allows for 18 holes, giving players the opportunity to replay the course with a different experience. The course redesign has improved safety, added length, and provided a good variety of shot options for both left-handed and right-handed players.

Fun fact: this is one of Jeremy Koling’s favorite courses to play on his off days from the Disc Golf Pro Tour.

The park can get crowded during afternoons and evenings, so I recommend playing an early morning round for the best experience. While the tee pads are dirt and can get muddy after rain, the course remains enjoyable, and the intuitive flow makes up for the lack of signage. In fact, night disc golf here is a blast as well.

Overall, Pierce Park Disc Golf Course is a fantastic place to play, offering a quick yet enjoyable round for players of all skill levels, with a good balance of challenges and accessibility.

Course Highlights:

  • 9 holes with natural tee pads
  • Beginner-friendly layout
  • Varied terrain and natural obstacles
  • Parking and restroom facilities available

Essential Disc Golf Tips for Appleton Players

  1. Bring mosquito repellant: Depending on the time of year the mosquitos can be a nightmare to deal with.
  2. Pack your bag with the right discs: Appleton’s courses feature diverse terrain and obstacles, so it’s crucial to have a variety of discs in your bag but most importantly a versatile midrange like the Discraft Buzzz to navigate those low ceilings and tight gaps.
  3. Warm up before playing: Stretching and warming up before a round can help prevent injuries and improve your performance on the course.
  4. Follow course etiquette: Be respectful of other players, wait for your turn, and always leave the course cleaner than you found it.
  5. Join a local disc golf club: Appleton has an active disc golf community, and joining a local club can help you improve your skills, learn course strategies, and make new friends.

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