The 11 Best Disc Golf Podcasts In 2024

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

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Paul McBeth on a disc golf podcast

With free access and open availability, most of the best disc golf media comes in podcast form. As a self-diagnosed podcast addict, I’ve curated a list of the best disc golf podcasts to entertain your ears on your next drive to the course.

Whether you are looking for current events, instructional content, or a history lesson, there’s sure to be something here to pique your interest. 

The Upshot

Professional production, tight structure, and a reliable release schedule make The Upshot the best all-around disc golf podcast. Charlie Eisenhood and Josh Mansfield from Ulitworld Disc Golf host this biweekly show that covers current events in the disc golf world. 

Clocking in at about 45-60 minutes per episode, the Upshot does a solid job of reviewing the happenings of the pro scene without going on too many tangential ramblings or reaching for half-baked “hot takes.”

They approach their subjects with a measure of journalistic integrity, and while neither host is a Pro level player, they are both knowledgeable fans of the sport. 

Besides the typical sports topics like player interviews and tournament previews/recaps, the Upshot does an excellent job of discussing the business side of disc golf. It consistently pays special attention to the economics of our growing game. 


The godfather of disc golf media, Terry Miller, a.k.a. “The Disc Golf Guy,” is joined by longtime co-host Jon Van Deurzen in this topical weekly podcast. Because they are currently under contract with the Disc Golf Pro Tour, Smashboxx draws great guests. The winners of the past week’s pro tour event often go on the pod.

After being on the front lines of the pro scene for decades, Miller is at his best when he offers a historical perspective on the game’s evolution. He has a unique insight into how courses, players, and the tour, in general, have grown over the years. 

The episodes can be very long, sometimes eclipsing the three-hour mark. Frankly, I’ve never given an episode my undivided attention from beginning to end, but it’s still my go-to for immediate player interviews and instant reactions to disc golf news.

The Flight Diary

Former pro and current commentator Brian Earhart hosts a variety of pro players for in-depth interviews. With a cool and conversational tone, Earhart has a knack for getting his all-star list of guests to open up and tell great stories. 

The Flight Diary is another pod that appears to be on hiatus, but the archive has a wellspring of quality content. The two-part deep dive with Paul McBeth is a particularly good listen. As the five-time World Champion, he told his journey to the top of the game.

I also highly recommend his fantastic interview with 2018 World Champion Gregg Barsby. 

Tour Life With Paul Ulibarri & Brodie Smith

Tour Life is a relatively new podcast that features Paul Ulibarri and Brodie Smith discussing the latest disc golf news and tournaments. The podcast is part of the Foundations Podcasts YouTube channel and often features other professional players as guests.

Whether you are a Brodie fan or not, the podcast is an interesting glimpse into the world of life on the Disc Golf Pro Tour. Full disclosure: the podcast occasionally covers controversial disc golf-related topics, and Brodie is pretty vocal about his Christian viewpoints. It doesn’t happen often, but if you prefer to keep religion out of disc golf like I do, you may want to be selective with the episodes you watch.

Disc Golf Answer Man


For questions about all things disc golf, Bobby “Cool Daddy Slick Breeze,” Robert McCall, and touring Pro Eric Oakley has your answers in this weekly show. Listeners email or phone their questions about disc selection, throwing technique, and disc golf culture in general. With Oakley as an on-the-ground resource, they also chat about the current events on tour. 

Disc Golf Answer Man consistently puts out great instructional content for beginners, as many questions are about tips to throw further, putt consistently, throw certain lines, etc. Some episodes center on “How to Improve Your Backhand,” “Learn to Improve Your Putting,” or “The Best Disc For Backhand Throws.”

Dynamic Discs sponsor this pod, so much of the equipment discussion will reference their product line. If you throw a lot of Dynamic, then the Disc Golf Answer Man is your pod.

Runnin’ It with Nate Sexton

Charismatic pro tour veteran Nate Sexton joins host Jarett Orr in this limited podcast. He is a longtime fan favorite who is as well-known for his color commentary as his disc golf game. Sexton is a natural behind a microphone, striking an outstanding balance between knowledge, opinion, and humor. 

With only 36 total episodes and none since March of 2022, Runnin’ It with Nate Sexton appears to be on hiatus. Their archive, however, is full of great interviews with luminaries like Ken Climo and even pro baseball pitcher and casual disc golfer Dylan Cease.

Grip Locked

Grip Locked is another podcast in the Foundation Podcast Network.

This weekly show is hosted by Trevor Staub and Hunter Thomas, two amateur players who don’t take themselves too seriously. The hosts claim to cover “many controversial topics that other podcasts just won’t cover”, although most of the episodes are just pretty normal unscripted conversations.

Roots of Flight

It took decades to lay the foundation of the current disc golf boom, and The Roots of Flight podcast partners with the Disc Golf Hall of Fame to preserve the game’s rich history. Host and producer Gabe LaBounty keep this show tightly structured, with each episode at an efficient 45 minutes. 

Some notable episodes include “Baskets on Target(s),” which examines the evolution of the basket from tone pole to the plethora of options we have now, and “Discs: Shaping Flight,” which goes in-depth on the progression of disc technology.

Roots of Flight is a must-listen for anyone interested in the pioneers and trailblazers of disc golf. 

The Disc Golf Podcast

For a distinctly lo-fi and casual podcast experience, check out The Disc Golf Podcast.

Hosted by two self-described “regular dudes” Joe Hardeman and Robin Brown-Ward, this laid-back show airs a few times a month. Besides chatting about recent news and events, the hosts review a beer and a disc every episode. 

Taking the perspective of career amateur players, Joe and Robin are strictly fans of the sport.

They have had a few notable guests over the years, including regular appearances from Disc Golf Network’s play-by-play announcer Ian Anderson, but for the most part, they keep to their roots of just two guys sharing some beers and talkin’ disc golf.

Debate Night

Debate Night is a Foundation podcast that often features Brodie Smith and members of the Foundation crew, as well as random guests. The format of the show is usually centered around one topic, and each guest shares their opinion about it (if Brodie Smith ever stops talking over them, constantly interrupting them, and forcing his opinion on everyone).