How Many Discs Do You Need For Disc Golf?

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Three disc golf discs that you need photographed on the grass

Welcome to the great big world of disc golf. As a beginner, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all of the information out there regarding the many aspects of disc golf.

Curious about how many discs you actually need to play this awesome game? You’ve come to the right place; today we’re answering just how many discs you might need to play disc golf.

It is unbelievably tempting to get geared up to the nines when you’re disc-overing (sorry) a new hobby like disc golf. Let’s talk about what you actually need, then you can learn about the basic rules of disc golf.

Do you only use one disc in disc golf?

When starting out as a beginner, you absolutely can use just one disc in disc golf. We don’t recommend going out and purchasing a ton of different types of discs just to fill up a disc golf bag… as tempting as that sounds! If you’re going out to the disc golf course for the first time, it really helps to have a trusty disc that you’ve practiced with and are comfortable throwing.

At a loss at what disc you’ll need to start playing? We recommend either a throwing putter or a midrange to help you get the feel for throwing. Technique (and practice) is everything in this game, so it’s wise to choose a disc that won’t frustrate you or one that feels uncomfortable to throw!

As you advance in the big world of disc golf, you’ll soon discover that you might need multiple discs for different things such as accuracy, control, or simply more distance!

Do you need more than one disc for disc golf?

Many starter disc golf disc packs include three discs! Everybody’s needs are different- if you’re looking for a starter pack to jump right in, that’s great! If you can only get one, that’s good too; whatever gets you outside and playing!

When it comes to “need”, we would say having three different types of disc golf discs will give you a better experience when it comes to learning disc golf. We’ll cover these three types later. This variety in discs will allow you to grasp concepts of accuracy, angles, and distance more easily, as well as learn how and when to utilize certain discs for certain situations!

Bottom line… you’ll obviously need at least one disc. Whether you get more is up to you! Multiples are always a good way to go in the event that you lose one to the lake gods. A safe bet is at least six discs.

What are the 3 discs used for disc golf?

Most, if not all disc golf starter packs will have three discs: a putter, a midrange, and a driver. The driver is the one you can use right off the tee pad- this disc will give you distance and is the highest speed out of the three. For the longer shots, reach for your driver.

Your midrange will typically be used for shots to get you closer to the hole. They’re not as fast as drivers, but are able to be controlled and will glide for a good amount of time. These discs also make for good starter discs if you’re a beginner and just looking for one disc to rule them all.

Putters are used for your final shot; these are also known as approach discs. You’ll need this slow-flying disc as you make your aim toward the basket! These are also great learning tools for beginners as they’re the most similar to an original Frisbee with their blunt, rounded noses.

Be sure that your putter is one that you can grip comfortably. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to disc golf discs, but one thing is for sure: the disc that feels the best to you will be the one you’ll find yourself reaching for, time and again.

How many discs do pros carry?

Some disc golf pros carry up to 30 discs! Assuming they’re carrying doubles or triples of their favorites, you can see how easily and quickly they stack up. Losing a disc can happen even to the best of us, and there’s nothing worse than having to borrow a disc when you’ve lost your favorite one.

Most professionals carry anywhere from 15-25, but that doesn’t mean you should. These professionals have done it all, and most likely are carrying a disc with a specific purpose or situation in mind: be it wind, elevation, or just an escape plan! Many pros may also have multiple discs depending on their style of play, as well.

If you’re curious about what’s in a particular professional disc golfer’s bag, Youtube is a great resource. Innova Discs has a Bag Check series where you can get an up-close and personal look at their pros and bags. Here’s one from last year that features disc golf favorite Gregg Barsby talking about what he carries, along with some nuggets of wisdom.

How many discs should I bag?

This truly varies from disc golfer to disc golfer. Some players are fine with their three, and some will carry upwards of thirty! As a good rule of thumb, just carry what you’re comfortable with. It’s impossible to tell whether or not you’ll end up losing a disc when you hit the course, so as always, it’s good practice to mark all of your discs with your contact info in Sharpie.

Pro tip: With so many different discs and molds out there, try not to get too crazy with it at the beginning, or else you’ll be on the course with a bunch of dead weight in your bag. Take it from me!

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As you progress in your game, you’ll find that you have favorites, so it’s also a smart move to have multiples in the event of a lost disc. Most intermediate players will carry around 10–20 (more or less) discs in their bag, spanning a range of wear and capabilities.

If you’re just starting out, we’re sure you’ll make some friends in the disc golf community. One of the benefits of this welcoming community is that players do typically allow others to try out one of their discs. With so many molds out there, it’s a great way to sample and compare discs to find what you might like!

What kind of bag do I need for my disc golf discs?

Keeping things orderly is pretty important in disc golf. There are lots of great options out there for disc golf bags. These bags are high quality, durable, and designed with slots for you to stack your discs nicely. While you don’t necessarily NEED one to play disc golf, they’re nice to have for a couple of reasons.

Having a reliable disc golf bag will help your game (once it develops to the point where you’ll want and need more discs), and definitely help minimize downtime while you’re selecting your next disc. Nobody wants to wait for someone to fumble around to find the right disc, hole after hole!

What else do I need in my disc golf bag besides discs?

More discs! Just kidding. When you’re out on the course, it’s a good idea to bring a water bottle to stay hydrated, an umbrella or light rain jacket (just in case), and a towel or two to dry your discs and hands if you come in contact with water or rain!

Once you play a round or two on your local course, you’ll figure out pretty quickly what the essentials are, and what you can leave at home. If you plan on playing in a league or signing up for your first tournament, you will also need a mini to mark your disc.


Whether you’re playing for pure recreation or are interested in becoming a more competitive player, there are a few things to consider when you’re shopping around for discs. More does not necessarily mean better: as with most things, quality over quantity! You can rock a course with just three discs, or only one disc- the choice is yours.

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