Joralemon Park Disc Golf Course – An In-Depth Review

Mandy Lee

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A disc golf basket at Joralemon Park disc golf course in Albany New York

If you are looking for a fantastic disc golf course in the heart of upstate New York, look no further than Joralemon Park.

Located just 20 minutes outside of Albany, this lush 18-hole course with wide-open fairways is the perfect place to test your disc golf skills. Read on for a full review of this fantastic course!

Course Layout

Joralemon Park’s disc golf course is set up with 18 holes of varying difficulty spread out over a large green area surrounded by a ton of gorgeous trees.

The holes range from long and open par 4’s to tight and technical par 3s, which makes it an excellent course for players of all skill levels. The tee boxes are easy to find and are clearly marked, so navigating the course is a breeze.

Challenges & Hazards

This course has its share of challenges – including narrow fairways that require precise accuracy and a variety of different hazards and mandos. The holes are well-maintained, with plenty of grassy areas that provide sound footing for your run-up.

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The course also has a few benches, allowing players to take a break or let the group behind them play through.

Several drinking fountains are conveniently located throughout the park, which come in handy during hot summer days when you need that extra hydration!

Course Conditions & Amenities

The condition of Joralemon Park’s disc golf course is excellent (they would even be up to Nate Sexton’s standards.) There are no wildly overgrown areas to lose your disc in, and the baskets are freshly painted and easily stand out against the lush vegetation.

Since the course is in a public park, there are also restrooms, making it easy for players who need a quick restroom break mid-round.

Lastly, there is an area with picnic tables near Hole #9, which provides an excellent spot for relaxing after your round or having lunch before heading back out onto the course to play your second (or third) round!


Joralemon Park’s disc golf course is an excellent place to improve your technical game or have a fun casual round with friends. Its various holes provide something for all players, whether it’s your first round and you don’t even know how many discs you need, or you have won a pro tournament.

Its immaculately maintained conditions ensure that everyone can enjoy playing here without worrying about losing discs or getting infected with tics. So if you’re ever in Albany looking for a fantastic disc golf experience, head over to Joralemon Park!

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