The 10 Best Disc Golfers Of All Time

Paul McBeth getting ready to tee off

Let’s cut to the chase – there’s always an ongoing discussion of who the Top 10 greats are in every sport. The GOAT, if you will. And naturally, the talks from fans and players typically weigh things like history, streaks, winnings, and overall performance stats, to name a few.  When it comes to disc golf, …

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Jeremy Koling: 9 Interesting Facts About Big Jerm

A photo of professional disc golfer Jeremy Koling

Jeremy Koling: pro disc golfer, one half of the Big Sexy commentary team, the Practice Round Prince, and an all-around delightful guy with a huge personality that many disc golfers know and love. Big Jerm is hugely popular for many reasons… but do you think you know everything about him?  As accessible as Big Jerm …

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9 Surprising Kona Panis Disc Golf Facts

A Photo of Kona Panis, Professional Disc Golf Player Putting In Tournament

The perennially sunny Kona Panis made disc golf headlines in 2022 when she left Innova for Dynamic Discs. Her confidence and sass make her a fun follow on social media, so we got curious. What’s behind that big, beaming smile? If you’re just getting introduced to this disc golf up-and-comer, here are some interesting facts …

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