Discraft Hades Vs Scorch: Which Driver Is Better?

A Discraft Hades vs Scorch side by side on a white background

There’s nothing quite like understable drivers. Once you’ve cracked a consistent 300+ of distance, for most people, these are your furthest flying and, let’s face it, the most fun discs to throw.  Let’s look at two relatively new and reasonably similar understable distance drivers from Discraft’s lineup and see which one will give you the …

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Prodigy D3 vs D4: Which Distance Driver Is Best?

A photo comparing the Prodigy D3 vs D4

If you ask someone who bags strictly Prodigy which of the distance drivers are their favorite, more often than not, it’ll boil down to the Prodigy D3 vs. D4. Both of these discs get insane distance and are comfortable in the hand right out of the box. However, individual runs can vary, so take our …

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Thought Space Athletics Praxis Review

A blue Thought Space Praxis on a white background

The best piece of advice I ever received is the same advice I give most often to newer players: use putters. Neutral-flying putters will show you what you’re doing much more often than a fairway or even midrange drivers. Besides, they’re much easier to control. At first, my neutral putter of choice was an Innova …

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The 15 Best Discs For Backhand Throws

Three disc golf discs on a green grass background that are good for backhand players

Here’s how we picked this list of the best discs for backhand throws (skip ahead to jump straight to the reviews.) Learning the ins and outs of disc golf means taking in a mammoth amount of information- throwing technique, disc reviews, wind reads, shot strategy etc. Let’s take it back to simpler times and discuss …

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Joralemon Park Disc Golf Course – An In-Depth Review

A disc golf basket at Joralemon Park disc golf course in Albany New York

If you are looking for a fantastic disc golf course in the heart of upstate New York, look no further than Joralemon Park. Located just 20 minutes outside of Albany, this lush 18-hole course with wide-open fairways is the perfect place to test your disc golf skills. Read on for a full review of this …

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The Best Of Huntington Beach Disc Golf

A disc golf basket at a Huntington Beach disc golf course

So you’re in Southern California and want to take advantage of the beautiful weather with a round of Huntington Beach disc golf. I can’t think of a better way to spend a vacation, especially at either of these courses. Huntington Beach Central Park Disc Golf Course This course makes it to the top of my …

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The 9 Best Innova Roller Discs To Learn With

Three Innova roller discs on a green lawn

When selecting the best Innova roller disc for you, one crucial factor to consider is disc stability. Understable discs make great roller discs because they tend to easily turn onto their rim and toward the ground.  An overstable disc, by contrast, will fight the urge to turn over and will not “stand up” as quickly. …

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The 7 Best Disc Golf Podcasts In 2023

Paul McBeth on a disc golf podcast

With free access and open availability, most of the best disc golf media comes in podcast form. As a self-diagnosed pod addict, I’ve curated a list of the best options to entertain your ears on your next drive to the course. Whether you are looking for current events, instructional content, or a history lesson, there’s …

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