Four different types of disc golf discs stacked on top of eachother

Types Of Disc Golf Discs (For Beginners)

Kyle Labine | PDGA #145718

Disc golf is a sport rich in variety, not just in terms of courses and playing styles but also in ...

Paul Ulibarri explaining some of his favorite forehand disc golf tips for beginners

Here’s 9 helpful Disc Golf Tips For Beginners

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

Venturing into the thrilling world of disc golf? A hearty welcome to you! As you step into this vibrant community, ...

Paul McBeth about to throw straight

How To Throw Straight In Disc Golf (Easily)

Kyle Labine | PDGA #145718

Are you struggling to throw straight every time you step up to the teepad? Can’t figure out why? That’s where ...

Glow in the dark disc golf disc lights shining on a basket

Ten Glow Disc Golf Tips For Your Next Night Round

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

In the late fall and early winter, as daylight gets shorter and evenings grow chillier, many disc golfers retreat into ...

A hole sign displaying basic disc golf rules for beginners to read.

11 Basic Disc Golf Rules For Beginners

Mandy Lee

New to disc golf and looking for a comprehensive guide to all of the disc golf rules? We’ve got a ...

Three disc golf discs that you need photographed on the grass

How Many Discs Do You Need For Disc Golf?

Mandy Lee

Welcome to the great big world of disc golf. As a beginner, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all of the ...

A pencil and scorecard to calculate disc golf round rating

How To Calculate Disc Golf Round Ratings: A Guide

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

So you just shot your personal best at your local course. The drives were going where you wanted, the putts ...

A photo of four mini disc golf discs on grass

What Are Mini Discs Used For In Disc Golf?

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

You may never see a mini if all you play are casual rounds. In a non-competitive setting, there isn’t much ...

A disc golf player demonstrating the provisional shot rule on the course

What Is A Provisional In Disc Golf? Shot Rule Explained

Mandy Lee

Have you started learning more about your disc golf journey and encountered unfamiliar terms? That’s natural! Today we’ll be discussing ...

A clipboard with disc golf tournament rules for the PDGA

7 Disc Golf Tournament Rules To Know At Your First Event

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

Are you playing your first disc golf tournament and don’t want to look like a newb? Here are a few ...

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