How To Throw Straight In Disc Golf (Easily)

Paul McBeth about to throw straight

Are you struggling to throw straight every time you step up to the teepad? Can’t figure out why? That’s where I come in. With my years of professional tournaments and coaching, I am confident that you will leave this article with several new ideas on how to throw straighter! Common Mistakes Most Beginners Make I …

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11 Basic Disc Golf Rules For Beginners

A hole sign displaying basic disc golf rules for beginners to read.

New to disc golf and looking for a comprehensive guide to all of the disc golf rules? We’ve got a clear breakdown of everything you need to know about playing this game properly. If you are an experienced player playing a tournament, check out our disc golf tournament rules guide. You could get the official …

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How Many Discs Do You Need For Disc Golf?

Three disc golf discs that you need photographed on the grass

Welcome to the great big world of disc golf. As a beginner, I’m sure you’re overwhelmed with all of the information out there regarding the many aspects of disc golf. Curious about how many discs you actually need to play this awesome game? You’ve come to the right place; today we’re answering just how many …

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What Is A Provisional In Disc Golf? Shot Rule Explained

A disc golf player demonstrating the provisional shot rule on the course

Have you started learning more about your disc golf journey and encountered unfamiliar terms? That’s natural! Today we’ll be discussing provisional disc golf rules.  So, What Is A Provisional Shot? A provisional shot is an extra throw that a player may take that does not get added to his score if it is not used …

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