The 7 Best Forehand Discs For Beginners

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

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When I first started playing disc golf, I was excited to explore the numerous possibilities that this sport had to offer.

The sense of freedom it gave me, as well as the challenge of mastering various techniques and types of throws, made me eager to find the best discs for my beginner forehand game.

And let’s face it – there’s something incredibly satisfying about watching a disc soar through the air, cutting through wind and trees with precision.

In this article, we’ll be discussing some of the best forehand discs for beginners that I found helpful at the start of my disc golf journey.

Whether you’re new to the game or looking to improve your skills in the exciting world of disc golf, these exceptional discs will help set you on a path toward success and newfound freedom on the course.

So let’s dive into our list of top picks for beginner-friendly forehand discs that will have you conquering courses in no time!

Discraft Zone

A Hot pink Discraft Putter Line Zone Disc with blue stamp

You can’t go wrong with the Discraft Zone as a beginner’s forehand disc. It offers a reliable grip and consistent finish that’ll have you nailing those shots in no time.

The slim putter design with a thick rim provides an excellent hold for those just starting to learn forehand throws. Its overstable nature ensures it can handle the torque generated when used as a forehand throwing putter.

With this disc in your bag, you’ll be able to tackle headwinds, strategic fades, and even pull off flick upshots like a pro.

The Discraft Zone is perfect for holes 300 feet and under, making it an ideal approach disc for beginners looking to improve their forehand game.

This versatile disc will deliver impressive results tailored to your throw style when thrown on different angles – such as hyzer, flat, or anhyzer. It glides smoothly through the air before finishing with a controlled fade near the basket.

No matter which plastic type you choose, you’re guaranteed consistency and reliability from the Zone.

Buy a Discraft Zone here.


  • Slim putter design with thick rim provides excellent grip.
  • Overstable nature makes it suitable for various throwing techniques.
  • Great choice for holes 300 feet and under.
  • Consistent flight path and finish.


  • May not be ideal for players seeking maximum distance on drives.
  • Some may find it too overstable for certain shots.

Innova Pig

A purple Innova Pro Pig with chrome stamp

Looking for a reliable overstable putter that’ll quickly become your go-to choice? The Innova Pig’s got you covered with its impressive stability and versatility in various playing situations.

This disc is perfect not only for those new to forehand throws, but also for experienced players looking to add a dependable utility option to their bag. With its thick Thumtrac Rim and minimal glide, the Pig offers exceptional control when throwing into headwinds or navigating tricky hyzer putts.

As the Pig beats in over time, it straightens out and gains more glide, making it an adaptable tool that grows with you as a player. Its R-Pro plastic provides excellent grip while still being soft enough to stick landings on slopes or hilltops without rolling away.

Whether you’re using it off the tee or for finesse shots near the basket, the Innova Pig’s overstability instills confidence in your throw and allows you to focus on mastering your technique.

Buy an Innova Pig here.


  • Overstable design makes it great for forehand throws
  • Thick Thumtrac Rim provides exceptional grip
  • Ideal for hyzer putts and headwind situations
  • Soft R-Pro plastic helps prevent unwanted rolls


  • Slow speed may limit distance potential
  • Not ideal for maximum power throws

Discmania MD3

A Pink Discmania MD3 driver C-Line with purple stamp

The Discmania MD3’s unbeatable combination of comfort, stability, and distance potential makes it a must-try for players seeking to improve their game. While it’s not specifically designed for beginners, its beadless design and clean release can certainly benefit those new to forehand throws as they develop their skills.

In addition to its comfortable feel and straight flight path, the MD3 is also an excellent choice for controlled forehand shots up to about 250 feet. Its ability to hold most lines while maintaining a forward finishing fade once it slows down adds versatility to your disc arsenal.

Whether you’re new to disc golf or looking to expand your expertise in forehand throws, the Discmania MD3 can offer unmatched performance that will quickly become your workhorse midrange on the course.

Buy a Discmania MD3 here.


  • Comfortable beadless design allowing for cleaner releases
  • Versatile midrange disc with a straight flight path and predictable fade
  • Suitable for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Can cover distances close to fairway drivers while maintaining control


  • Not specifically designed for beginners; may require some adaptation for newer players
  • Some players might prefer discs with beads or other features depending on personal preferences

Discraft Buzzz

A Discraft Buzz Chris Dickerson Tour Series 2023 with grey and light blue marbled dye color and blue stamp

Discovering the Discraft Buzzz can truly elevate your game. Its popularity and consistent performance make it a go-to choice for many disc golf enthusiasts.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, the Buzzz offers a reliable and stable option for midrange shots. Powerful throws hold any line you put on it. For those who prefer forehand throws, this disc is particularly well-suited due to its comfortable edge feel and torque resistance.

The Buzzz’s versatility makes it suitable for all players, regardless of their skill level or throwing style. Not only is the Discraft Buzzz available in a variety of plastics, including Glo Z and Titanium, but its slightly stable flight rating of .5 makes it even more appealing to beginners looking for a dependable midrange disc.

In comparison to other popular options like the Mako3, the Buzzz proves to be less touchy with angles and provides greater consistency overall. By incorporating this disc into your collection, you’ll have access to newfound freedom on the course as you explore different lines and improve your overall game.

Buy a Discraft Buzzz here.


  • Consistent and reliable performance
  • Suitable for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Comfortable edge feel
  • Available in various plastic materials
  • Slightly overstable rating ideal for beginners


  • May not suit players who prefer thicker-edged discs
  • Some may find other midranges more compatible with their specific playstyle

Pro tip: If you like the flight pattern of the Buzzz but want a smaller rimmed disc, check out the MVP Reactor or Axiom Hex!

MVP Volt

A Purple/Green MVP Cosmic Volt Disc

You’ll feel like a disc golf wizard when you add the MVP Volt to your arsenal. Its unparalleled accuracy and GYRO technology make it one of the best overstable fairway drivers.

The Volt is ideal for beginners looking to improve their forehand game, thanks to its reliable fade and straight flight that hooks up harder at the end.

With its consistency under 300 feet, the Volt can help save your game when things go awry or be that dependable option when you need a shot to be just right.

Not only does the Volt excel in backhand throws, but it truly shines in forehand performance. Once broken in, this cosmic neutron marvel handles both styles with ease and offers incredible stability – especially in windy conditions.

For those just starting out with a forehand throw, the MVP Volt provides comfort and confidence while still allowing room for growth as your skills progress. Its ability to hold a line without flipping up makes it an excellent choice for beginners seeking control and precision on their drives.

Buy an MVP Volt here.


  • Unparalleled accuracy on tight fairways
  • Consistent fade and straight flight ideal for beginner forehands
  • Handles both backhand and forehand throws well
  • Excellent stability even in windy conditions


  • May require some break-in time before reaching optimal performance
  • Higher-powered throwers may experience some flip-up

Discraft Scorch

A blue Discraft Scorch Disc with Red stamp

Unleash incredible distance with the Discraft Scorch, a stable driver that’s perfect for crafting those elusive ‘S’ curve flight paths and navigating wooded fairways like a pro. With its consistent flip-ups and long-distance glide, this disc has become my go-to choice for both backhand and forehand shots.

The Scorch is also a great option for beginners looking to improve their forehand game, as it offers easy distance even if you don’t have a lot of torque.

The comfortable rim width of the Scorch makes it ideal for both backhands and forehands, allowing you to confidently execute standstill or hyzer flip shots in tight spaces.

As your skills grow, the Discraft Scorch will continue to be a reliable companion on the course, providing that perfect balance between control and power.

Just remember that while the disc is fairly controllable, you might want to choose something else when precision is absolutely necessary.

Buy a Discraft Scorch here.


  • Consistent ‘S’ curve flight path
  • Great for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Comfortable rim width
  • Perfect for wooded fairways
  • Good option for beginners looking to improve their forehand game


  • Not as precise as some other discs
  • Requires some adjustment in downhill throws

Discraft Heat

A Blue Discraft ESP Heat disc with gold stars stamp

Experience the thrill of effortless distance with the Discraft Heat, a versatile driver that’s perfect for both new and experienced players.

For instance, imagine effortlessly launching this disc down a narrow fairway, watching it glide smoothly and land exactly where you intended – now that’s what we call satisfying!

The Heat excels at straight line finesse shots, making it an ideal choice for beginners who want to improve their control while still achieving impressive distances.

With flight ratings of 9.0 / 6.0 / -3.0 / 1.0, this disc is designed to be forgiving and easy to throw.

As you progress in your disc golf skills, the Discraft Heat will continue to serve you well with its ability to perform hyzer flips and turnover shots like a pro.

Its excellent glide also makes it a popular choice for forehand flip-ups, helping players refine their technique without relying on overstable discs to mask imperfections in form.

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to fine-tune your game, the Discraft Heat is sure to become an invaluable addition to your collection.

Buy a Discraft Heat here.


  • Incredible glide and distance even for beginners
  • Excels at straight line finesse shots and controlled turnovers
  • Great for refining forehand form through hyzer flips and flip-ups
  • Versatile enough for players of all skill levels


  • Not as stable as some other drivers; may not be suitable for extremely windy conditions
  • May become too understable/turnover prone as power increases

Frequently Asked Forehand Disc Questions

Are there any affordable alternatives to the mentioned forehand discs for beginners on a tight budget?

Absolutely! Budget friendly options are available through alternative brands, used disc shopping, or beginner disc packs. These cost effective upgrades offer a great start for beginners seeking the freedom to explore disc golf.

How do the flight characteristics of these recommended forehand discs differ for players with varying skill levels and throwing styles?

Ahoy there! Forehand grip, wind resistance, and release angle affect disc rotation differently for each player. As skill progression advances, players adapt their style, unlocking the freedom to conquer various flight characteristics.

Can these beginner forehand discs also be used effectively for backhand throws, or should players invest in separate discs for different throwing techniques?

I’ve found that discs with backhand versatility can be used effectively for both forehand and backhand throws. Grip techniques, disc maintenance, and adapting to windy conditions or forehand injuries are key factors to consider.

How do factors like disc weight and plastic type affect the performance of these beginner forehand discs, and what should new players consider when choosing their first disc?

Don’t stress over disc selection! Weight impact and plastic durability matter, but personal preferences play a role too. As your skill progression advances, you’ll find the perfect balance for ultimate frisbee freedom.

Are there any specific tips or drills that can help beginners improve their forehand throws and get the most out of these recommended discs?

To improve my forehand throws, I focus on mastering my forehand grip, increasing wrist flexibility, experimenting with release angles, perfecting body positioning, and practicing footwork drills for fluid movement and powerful throws.


In the end, it’s clear that there’s an abundance of forehand discs designed for us humble beginners. Each disc, from the Discraft Zone to the trusty Heat, is as unique and perfectly suited to our feeble throws as the next.

So let’s grab these beginner-friendly beauties and hit those disc golf courses with newfound confidence. We can be assured that we’re armed with the finest plastic weaponry available!

Happy chuckin’, dear rookies!