The Easiest Understable Midrange Discs To Throw


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Five of the best understable midrange disc golf discs on a wite background

Have you ever struggled to get your favorite disc to fly straight?

If you are like I was as a beginner, then most discs fade to the left as soon as they leave your hand. You will not have that problem with these discs.

So, whether you are new to the sport or don’t have much arm speed, here are the best understable midrange discs that you’ll be able to throw with ease.

Discraft Buzzz SS

A blue Buzzz SS disc golf midrange

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 4
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1

Key Features:

  • Versatility: Ideal for various skill levels due to its understable nature.
  • High Glide: Can cover significant distances with less power.
  • Resilient Plastic Options: Available in Discraft’s durable Z-grade plastic.

When a disc as iconic as the Discraft Buzzz is mentioned, the ears of disc golf enthusiasts perk up. Enter the Buzzz SS, the understable sibling in this legendary lineup, granting the same beloved feel with a more accommodating flight for those needing less fade.

Right out of the box, the Buzzz SS invites players to manicure lines as if it’s been a trusted companion for seasons on end. This is a disc that does not demand a brute display of power but rather an artful touch and strategic placement.

Designed with the same ergonomic appeal as its more stable counterpart, the Buzzz, the SS edition caters exceptionally well to new throwers due to its understable flight. It does not punish imperfect technique, but instead encourages growth by holding lines that promise confidence on the course.

For more experienced arms, this midrange serves as a precision tool; a hyzer-flip dream in the hands of those who know how to wield it. It will perform controlled turnovers and will hold a hyzer-flip without faltering in the face of fairway intimidation.

The disc artfully carves through wooded courses and dances down tight alleys with a controlled finesse that keeps your scorecard clean. The glide is generous, rewarding well-placed shots with appreciable distance, and the light fade at the end of its flight pattern ensures it settles close to the target.

However, those with significant power should be aware that the Buzzz SS may act more understable than anticipated. This isn’t a flaw, but rather a characteristic to be exploited for those who need an ally in the woods or for crafty upshots.

This disc earns its reputation for reliability and inevitably finds a way into bags of beginners and professionals alike, proving that sometimes, the sequel can indeed match the original’s acclaim. Whether you’re finessing uphill shots or chasing aces down tunnel fairways, the Buzzz SS stands ready as a faithful flyer in your disc golf journey.

Kastaplast Svea

A Kastaplast Svea with pink plastic

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 6
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 0

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Glide: Can achieve significant distance with minimal effort.
  • Straight Flight: Maintains straight lines or smooth anhyzers when thrown with control.
  • Comfortable Grip: Suitable for players with smaller hands, thanks to its low profile and ease of release.

The Kastaplast Svea enters the disc golf world not with a scream, but with a glide that whispers through the air. In a market teeming with midrange choices, the Svea sets itself apart with a neutral flight path, a generous glide, and a tendency to maintain whatever line it’s set upon.

It’s a disc that rests comfortably in the hand, boasting an edge that’s forgiving to all hand sizes and encourages clean releases. The magic of Svea is in its effortlessness — a feature that transforms any regular Joe into a disc placement sorcerer.

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With its understable nature and flight numbers that boast high glide and minimal fade, the Svea is a choice disc for finessing those low-power, precision shots that play like poetry on the course. When thrown with a slight hyzer, the Svea elegantly flips to flat, betraying its understable character only to those who know it well, as it remains loyal to the line chosen by its thrower.

It shines in wooded scenes, slipping through narrow gaps where others might fail, and glides with such grace that the disc seems almost reluctant to return to earth. It’s a brilliant tool for anyone who relies on smooth hyzer flips or anhyzer lines to navigate the fairways.

However, players should be judicious with their power. The Svea can behave unpredictably when overthrown—flipping and turning when one least expects it. It’s not a disc that handles brute force with poise. Instead, it calls for measured strokes, thriving on touch and control rather more than on sheer strength. The Svea might be categorized as beginner-friendly due its ease of use, but only those with refined technique can unlock its full potential, making it just as valuable for the seasoned disc golfer.

All in all, the Kastaplast Svea isn’t simply a disc; it’s a sculptor’s tool, allowing for creative shot shaping and control that can become vital to a golfer’s arsenal. Whether you’re threading needles on the fairway, executing precise approaches, or simply enjoying the beauty of a disc in flight, the Svea is ready to impress with its peerless glide and fidelity to flight paths.

It’s a disc that isn’t bound by the limitations of the thrower but instead serves as a testament to what the game of disc golf is all about — precision, patience, and the pure joy of flight.

Thought Space Athletics Mana

A Mana disc made with glow plastic

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1

Key Features:

  • Forgiving Understability: Perfect for achieving turnover shots or hyzer flips.
  • Extra Glide: Allows for extended airtime and greater distances with less effort.
  • Versatile Flight: Can fit in between midrange and fairway driver distances.

The Thought Space Athletics (TSA) Mana merges artistic panache with aerodynamic performance, creating a disc golf experience that is as delightful visually as it is functionally. Its reliable understability paired with exceptional glide makes it a versatile choice, ideal for sneaking around obstacles that demand a creative touch. For fresh players, the Mana is a revelation, providing a taste of control and shaping that might otherwise take years to master.

Taking this disc into the field, you’ll find it bears a certain enchantment for crafting those alluring anhyzer lines. Applied with a hyzer angle, the Mana stands up with intention and holds straight, offering a glide akin to magic carpets flying down the fairway. Even in the toolbox of a seasoned player, this disc earns its keep by filling an essential slot for those soft hyzer flips and turnovers that finesse rather than flex power. It’s not just about getting around a bend; it’s about choosing the Mana when precision takes precedence over sheer distance.

The Mana from TSA sings a song of accessibility and potential. With its reasonable speed, even moderate arms can unleash it to its full distance potential, watching as it defies expectations and maximizes glide. However, take heed in breezy conditions, as this disc’s mild-mannered fade may not withstand the whims of a strong headwind. Moreover, its gentle fade at the tail end of flight provides a predictable finishing touch, ensuring that the Mana doesn’t stray far from its intended target.

In conclusion, if you’re in pursuit of a midrange that can rival the Buzzz SS in stability but outdoes it on glide, the TSA Mana might just be the sorcerer you’re seeking. It’s a disc that beckons adventure on the course, tempting those who carry it to attempt lines they might otherwise deem too audacious. For those eager to pare down their bag without sacrificing versatility, the Mana proves itself as a multi-purpose marvel, adept at weaving its way into a permanent place in your disc golf narrative.

MVP Uplink

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 0.5

Key Features:

  • Understability: Designed with a significant high-speed turn to shape creative lines.
  • Glide: Excellent glide provides extended airtime and distance with less effort.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of skill levels and throwing styles.

The MVP Uplink is a disc that celebrates the creative spirit of disc golf, offering a flight that appeals to a broad spectrum of players. From the first-time thrower to the seasoned pro, the Uplink promises to unlock new potential in your midrange game.

It’s a disc that seems to understand the language of the woods—speaking in smooth anhyzers and gentle hyzer-flips that thread through nature’s tightest corridors. The Uplink stands out because of its remarkably understable flight pattern, paired with just the right amount of glide and fade to steer it home.

Players with less power will relish the Uplink’s forgiving nature, as it provides a straight and true flight without the need for Herculean arm speed, making it a prime candidate for a trusty first straight midrange. For the stronger armed, the disc offers an impressive array of shot-shaping possibilities.

From high-level touch hyzer-flip turnovers to crafty rollers, the Uplink displays a versatility that can tidy up any scramble or finesse drive.

The subtle fade ensures it doesn’t stray too far off course, instilling confidence with each throw. As your skills grow, so too does the utility of this disc, evolving with you and finding new ways to navigate the course.

Be mindful, however, that for power players on open holes, the Uplink may be overly sensitive to torque, which can either be a stroke of genius or a flight of fancy, depending on your consistency.

In essence, the MVP Uplink is much more than just another disc—it’s a companion on the course, a tool for expression, and a testament to the versatility required in the evolving landscape of disc golf.

Whether you’re reaching for the stars in an open field or carving a masterpiece in the woods, the Uplink is a disc that both encourages growth and rewards finesse. Give it a gentle throw, and it will glide with grace; power it up, and it will dance to your tune.

Mint Discs Lobster

A swirly colored Mint Discs Lobster

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 5
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -3
  • Fade: 1

Key Features:

  • High-Turn Flight: Ideal for hyzer flips and controlled turnovers.
  • Optimal Glide: Can achieve impressive distances with reduced effort.
  • Comfortable Rim: Designed to fit nicely in the hand, enhancing grip and control.
  • Low Profile: Appeals to players who prefer a sleeker rim feel.

The Mint Discs Lobster is the understable midrange that you didn’t know you needed until it’s released from your fingertips. Its flight is laden with finesse, a disc that begs to ride the airwaves in a dance of turns and curves. The Lobster’s ability to hold an anhyzer angle or smoothly execute a hyzer-flip makes it a standout performer in its class, offering a high fun-factor with every throw.

This understable gem caters to those who embrace the art of shaping shots and enjoy watching the disc respond to nuanced releases. For the beginner, the Lobster introduces a realm of possibility, demonstrating flight paths that glide effortlessly through the air. Its high-turn characteristic gives newer players an edge in achieving longer flights without the demand for high-speed arm power.

On the other side of the spectrum, more powerful throwers will find joy in the Lobster’s hyzer-flip capabilities, cutting lines through dense woods or turning over when a rightward drift is needed. Its glide gifts the disc with a touch of extra distance, nudging it further along the intended trajectory before it settles to the ground.

Yet, the Lobster isn’t just for show; it’s armed with a practicality that becomes evident once you grip it. The low-profile rim instills confidence, creating an intimate connection between player and plastic, augmenting control on every release. The plastic quality adds a layer of trust, knowing that it will endure regular use and come back for more.

However, players with a penchant for power will need to adjust their approach, as the Lobster’s understable nature may be too eager to turn for their liking. This disc isn’t about muscle; it’s about mastery, finesse, and finding the sweet spot of power and angle. In strong winds, it may not be your first choice, as the wind can overly exaggerate its natural turn.

To summarize, the Mint Discs Lobster is an invaluable ally on the course, providing a fun, flexible, and forgiving flight that serves as an opportunity for growth and exploration in the game. From those searching for their first hyzer-flip to the veterans longing to bend their shots just right, the Lobster promises to deliver. It’s more than just a disc – it’s a door to new lines and a reminder that control can coexist with understability.

Discraft Comet

A pink colored Discraft Comet disc

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1

Key Features:

  • Exceptional Glide: Achieves substantial airtime with minimal effort.
  • Neutral Flight Path: Flies straight with a gentle finish on controlled throws.
  • Form Revealing: Great training disc that rewards good technique and clean releases.
  • Old-School Feel: Classic design with a touch of modern aerodynamics.

The Discraft Comet, much like the celestial body it’s named after, has been a steady presence in the sky for many players. With its unassumingly simple design, the Comet is a beloved staple midrange, adored for its sheer honesty in flight. Stripped of any pretension towards speed, the Comet makes its mark with peerless glide and a propensity for unwaveringly straight finishes—even when minimum power is applied.

From newcomers to disc golf to seasoned masters of the craft, the Comet serves many roles: teacher, confidant, and trusted ally on the fairway. With its forgiving understability, newcomers to the sport will find solace and direction; the Comet can help develop their form, offering candid feedback with every toss.

Experienced players, misty-eyed with nostalgia or simply in search of a reliable line-shaper, can turn to this vintage disc to navigate the most fickle wooded courses or nail those precise approach shots.

The Comet comes with a caveat: it is a disc of finesse, not force. Overpower it, and it may sail off on an unintended anhyzer adventure, or worse, betray itself with a premature dive. Throw it smoothly, as one might a putter from a distance, and it will reward with lines painted across the sky, fading just a touch as it nears its destination.

Admittedly, the Comet’s unique rim and profile might produce a moment of skepticism in the hand. It’s large and, for some, unwieldy. Yet once the bond is formed—much like a perfectly worn pair of shoes—it becomes a seamless extension of the player’s intention.

Should you choose to grace your bag with a Comet, prepare for a journey of both contemplation and execution, where technique trumps torque, and glide is the great equalizer. Embrace its subtleties, and unlock the art of straight flying excellence.

Clash Discs Peach

Clash Discs Peach

Flight Numbers:

  • Speed: 4
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -2
  • Fade: 1


  • Accessible Control: Tailored for players of all levels with its approachable understability.
  • Smooth Glide: Maintains loft effortlessly, ideal for navigating tighter lines.
  • Durable Plastic: Crafted with premium Steady plastic for longevity and consistent performance.

The Clash Discs Peach bursts onto the scene with the promise of understability and finesse, a refreshing entry in the world of midrange discs. Its balanced flight numbers indicate a disc that is friendly for beginners yet remains a tactical asset in the hands of a more experienced player.

With a gentle Speed of 4 and an impressive Glide of 5, the Peach is primed for those who prefer precision over power. It’s a disc that asks for a deft touch rather than a forceful heave, making it a staple for finessed approaches and controlled midrange drives.

The Peach’s Turn at -2 suggests an innate ability to navigate rightward paths for RHBH throwers without the risk of ‘burning out’ or turning into a roller unintentionally. Its modest Fade of 1 ensures that it comes back reliably, lending a predictable finish to each throw.

In play, the Peach demonstrates an uncanny ability to hold anhyzer lines, making it a must-have for wooded courses or for those who enjoy shaping creative lines. It’s also adept at executing hyzer-flips, flipping up from a hyzer release to a flat trajectory, sailing straight with minimal lateral movement.

The premium Steady plastic ensures that even after many rounds, the Peach maintains its flight characteristics admirably, resisting the usual wear and tear that can alter a disc’s behavior.

In conclusion, the Clash Discs Peach stands out in the category of understable midranges. It combines ease of use with strategic layering, allowing both new players and seasoned pros to expand their game. Whether you’re threading needles on wooded courses or carving up the fairway, the Peach adds a reliable, understable option to your disc golf bag.