The 7 Best Overstable Fairway Drivers (Currently)


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A photo of seven overstable fairway drivers

Are you tired of fairway drivers that just don’t cut it in the wind?

Say goodbye to unreliable flights and hello to precision with our top picks for the best overstable fairway drivers out there.

Read on to discover how these discs can transform your game and tackle any challenge the course throws your way.

Kastaplast Stål

Meet the tank of the sky: the Kastaplast Stål.

With a name inspired by steel and named after the Swedish version of Superman, Stålmannen, the Stål embodies toughness and resilience. This overstable fairway driver isn’t shy about its capacity to face down whatever challenge you put before it—whether that be fierce headwinds or demanding hyzer shots.

With a speed rating of 9, it presents itself as a fairway driver with substantial enough pace to handle power throws but still offers precision for those crucial approach shots in the 180′ – 240′ range.

A pink overstable Kastaplast Stal

Stål Key Features:

  • Flight Numbers: 9 | 4 | 0 | 3
  • Ideal for combating headwinds and executing reliable hyzer lines
  • K1 Line plastic provides exceptional grip and durability
  • Performs well for both forehand and backhand shots
  • More glide than you might expect from an overstable disc

The Stål fits beautifully in the slot of the “firebird-like” overstable disc within your array, boasting a controllable level of overstability that serves a range of utility applications. For forehand dominant players, it offers a steadfast option that resists turnover and consistently delivers stable flights even in gusty conditions.

The K1 Line plastic from Kastaplast isn’t just durable; it exudes a high-quality feel that many players rank among their favorites. Coupled with its steadfast performance and a little extra glide than the numbers suggest, the Stål has become a go-to for shots that need to fade with conviction and handle the unpredictability of the wind.

It’s worth noting, however, that its beefiness might not be ideal for beginners. But for those who are looking for a solid, dependable choice that can handle immense pressure, the Kastaplast Stål is a disc that won’t disappoint.

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MVP Volt

Here are some of the Volt’s key features:

  • Flight Ratings: Speed 8 / Glide 5 / Turn -0.5 / Fade 2
  • Dimensions: 21.10 cm Diameter, 1.60 cm Height, 1.10 cm Rim Depth, 2.00 cm Rim Width
  • First Driver from MVP: The Volt pioneered the MVP driver lineup.
  • Predictable Fade: A forward penetrating fade.
  • Versatility: Suitable for tight fairways and long, accurate placement shots.
A swirly colored MVP Volt fairway driver

The MVP Volt brings control and predictability to the course, handling well in various conditions, including headwinds. It reliably resists turning over, maintaining its intended line flight after flight. The disc’s fade is pronounced and dependable, which is especially useful when you need a disc to finish strong.

I primarily use the Volt as a forehand driver because it is extremely comfortable in the hand. It has a smaller, shallow rim and just fits in my hand perfectly for sidearm throws.

In terms of plastics, Neutron, Proton, Fission, and Plasma all offer good durability, while Plasma adds extra overstability. The disc tends to become flippier as it wears in, which is nice for slower arm speeds.

Players of all skill levels will love the Volt, from beginners looking for a manageable distance driver to advanced players needing a steady performer for shots under 350 feet. The Volt’s design supports accurate, controlled throws, making it an essential in any disc golfer’s bag.

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Innova Eagle

Next up is an absolute classic: the Innova Eagle

The Innova Eagle has long been cherished by disc golfers for its dependable flight and versatile performance—just watch how often Calvin Heimburg reaches for his 😉

With a moderate speed rating of 7, this driver offers a unique blend of control and distance, making it an essential disc for strategic plays on the course.

A blue and purple colored Gregg Barsby tour series Innova Eagle

Eagle Key Features:

  • Flight Numbers: 7 | 4 | -1 | 3
  • Balanced blend of straight flight and reliable fade
  • Comfortable rim shape for secure grip
  • Durable, premium plastic options
  • Great for precise power shots and turnovers

The Eagle’s slightly overstable flight pattern is tailored for precision, allowing experienced players to shape their throws with consistency.

Although it may be intense for beginners, its stability is perfect for intermediate players ready to advance. Reliable in various conditions and ideal for controlled turnovers and straight-flying power shots, the Innova Eagle is a disc that delivers and endures, securing its spot as a go-to in the bags of experienced players.

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Discraft Raptor

Next in line: the control driver that defines reliability.

The Discraft Raptor finds its place in the hearts of players who crave dependability and a relentless finish to their throws. The Raptor is used by basically every pro Discraft player on tour, including the collaborative genius of Team Discraft’s captain Paul Ulibarri, this disc can face headwinds and deliver flex shots with uncompromising confidence.

Reserved in speed yet assertive in its task with a rating of 9, the Raptor is similar to the Predator, aiming to conquer distances under 300 feet with precision and ease.

A blue Discraft Raptor driver

Raptor Key Features:

  • Flight Numbers: 9 | 4 | 0 | 3
  • Overstable with a flat top for a comfortable grip
  • Ideal for controlled flex shots and headwinds
  • Excellent forehand disc with a reliable fade
  • Offers more plastic options, suiting various preferences

This beefy beauty sits right between a fairway driver and an overstable distance driver.

The Raptor stands out with its exceptional forehand capabilities, providing a stable flight when thrown with a backhand and being noticeably more overstable on forehand shots.

Whether slightly worn in for that perfect hyzer flip or brand new for cutting through the wind, the Raptor’s steady fade is the linchpin that endows players with the boldness to take on difficult shots.

This disc is one to reach for when the course demands accuracy, and the conditions call for something that won’t falter.

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Discmania Splice

Here comes the ultimate wind fighter: the Discmania Splice.

This fairway driver, drenched in overstability, excels when the conditions turn fierce, and a steadfast ally is needed against the headwind. The Splice caters to both backhand and forehand players who seek a disc that will not only resist turning but will predictably come back even when thrown with force or into a gusty challenge.

With a speed rating of 9, it’s not the fastest disc in the quiver, but it’s built to deliver trustworthy fade and glide through the air, making it a staple for controlled, tactical play.

Discmania Splice overstable fairway driver

Splice Key Features:

  • Flight Numbers: 9 | 3 | 0 | 4
  • Very overstable, ideal for headwind shots and skip shots
  • Consistently beefy fade for precise throws
  • Tolerates a variety of grips and throwing styles
  • Predictable even for less skilled forehand throws
  • Not good for beginners

The Discmania Splice quickly earns its keep as a utility disc, for those moments when only the most robust fade will navigate you through the trouble. It’s the type of disc that, thrown flat, mirrors a spike hyzer, and when forced on an anhyzer, it always finds its way back.

That immediate fade makes it invaluable for maneuvering tight corners or bypassing obstacles, ensuring a finish that’s as reliable as the sunrise. With the Splice, you won’t be breaking distance records, but watch it cement itself as the go-to when the wind picks up or when precision is paramount.

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Thought Space Votum

Introducing the trusty sentinel of the fairway: the Thought Space Votum.

Renowned for its steadfast stability and reliability, the Votum is a go-to driver for shaping shots that require control and fade. Created to serve as a reliable workhorse, it’s the disc you choose when you need to thread a straight line on the fairway with a predictable finish.

The Votum has speed rating of 7, making the Votum accessible yet commanding enough to accomplish essential fairway tasks, weaving through obstacles with a flight as reliable as your aim.

A blue Thought Space Votum made with Ethos plastic

Votum Key Features:

  • Flight Numbers: 7 | 5 | 0 | 3
  • Very overstable, dependable in various conditions
  • Offers versatility with varying plastics for different stabilities
  • Appeals to both backhand and forehand players
  • Artwork and design on discs are consistently top-tier

The Votum thrives across plastics like Glow (overstable), Aura (less overstable), and Ethos (stable), each offering a different interaction with the air for a fine-tuned flying experience. It’s not uncommon for players to house several Votums in their bags, each for its flight path nuance.

This beefy driver flies similar to a seasoned Innova Teebird, the Votum in its essence is a more in-hand friendly option—flatter, less domed, and ready to carve up the course with its laser-precision and strong finish. This control driver is your steadfast ally, refusing to buckle under the wind or unexpected conditions. Throw it with power, and anticipate a straight flight; throw it gently, and it has fade for days.

Yet, in all scenarios, it maintains the line you put it on. Whether for an essential wind-fighting utility or those accurate hyzer lines, you can trust the Votum to execute the mission at hand.

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Innova Teebird3

Behold the evolution within a classic line: the Innova Teebird3.

This disc takes the best traits of the original Teebird and sharpens them for enhanced precision and speed. With its slightly flatter top and faster profile, the Teebird3 makes for a fairway driver that’s go-to for accuracy without sacrificing distance.

Boasting a speed rating of 8, this versatile disc is quick to cut through the air yet moderate enough for controlled, strategic play. Ideal for those looking to place their drives with laser-focused precision.

A gorgeous black and blue Innova Teebird3

Teebird3 Key Features:

  • Flight Numbers: 8 | 4 | 0 | 2
  • Offers a balance of speed and control with a firmer feel
  • Predictable, stable flights with a dependable finish
  • Great for both backhand and forehand throws
  • Durable across various plastic types, including Champion and Star

In the field, the Teebird3 demonstrates more overstability than initially suggested by its numbers, especially when new. It’s the answer to your needs for a fairway driver that holds straight for the majority of its flight, with a reliable fade as it begins to slow.

Experienced players will appreciate the Teebird3’s point-and-shoot nature on tighter fairways, while beginners will find it an approachable step up as they refine their precision and power.

Whether you’re craving that consistent, stable flight or the confidence to masterfully shape your shots against the wind, the Innova Teebird3 emerges as an invaluable addition to your game. Through its combination of control, durability, and consistent fade, this disc is primed to earn its keep in your bag.

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