Kristin Tattar: Breaking Disc Golf Records

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Kristin Tattar at USWDGC 2021

Kristin Tattar has become a prominent name in the world of disc golf, rising to prominence as Estonia’s most successful player in the sport. Since discovering disc golf, Tattar’s athletic prowess has swiftly propelled her to the top of the female division, making her a role model for many aspiring players. Her achievements, including a high PDGA rating among Estonian female players, highlight her exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Earning numerous accolades over the years, Tattar’s success is a testament to her hard work and competitive spirit. Her performances in major tournaments display consistency and excellence, earning her recognition across the disc golf community. Fans and competitors alike look to Kristin’s journey with admiration as she continues to set the bar high for professional disc golfers worldwide.

Off the course, Kristin Tattar’s influence extends through social media, where she shares her disc golf experiences and interacts with a growing fanbase. Her influence is seen not just in the number of her followers but also in her ability to inspire a new generation of disc golfers through her journey from a former competitive cross-country skier to a disc golf champion. Through her Instagram presence, Tattar showcases the vibrant disc golf culture and the athletic lifestyle that comes with it.

Kristin Tattar playing a tournament
Photo via Jay Proffitt

Early Life and Career

Kristin Tattar has established herself as an exceptional professional disc golfer, originating from Estonia and captivating audiences with her prowess in major disc golf events. Her journey from Estonia to the peak of professional disc golf captures an inspiring climb marked by notable achievements and a deep dedication to her sport.

Estonian Roots

Kristin Tattar was born on July 3, 1992, in Pärnu, Estonia. Before her disc golf fame, she first competed as a cross-country skier, a testament to her athletic versatility. She transitioned to disc golf in the early 2010s after discovering a course near a skiing trail.

Rise to Prominence

Her professional career began in earnest in 2014, a year that not only marked her entry into professional sports but also her inception into the PDGA. As Estonia’s most successful female disc golfer, Tattar’s rise was bolstered by her unparalleled determination and skill.

First Major Achievements

Her list of accomplishments quickly grew, highlighted by her standing as a 4x Estonian Champion in FPO. Tattar’s career soared at major events such as the PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships and the European Open, etching her into disc golf history. She made her mark internationally, winning the 2022 World Champion title, firmly establishing her legacy in the sport.

Professional Achievements

Kristin Tattar has made an indelible mark on the sport of disc golf with her remarkable career achievements. She has reached exceptional heights in the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) and on the Disc Golf Pro Tour (DGPT), setting new records and achieving historic milestones.

World Champion Title

In 2022, Kristin Tattar was crowned the female disc golf world champion, a testament to her skill and dedication to the sport. She secured her first world champion title at the PDGA World Championships, a pinnacle of achievement for any disc golfer.

Disc Golf Pro Tour Success

Tattar’s prowess extends prominently into the DGPT, where she has been a formidable competitor. Her consistency is highlighted by her impressive finishes, often securing top spots in these elite series events.

Notable Tournament Wins

Significant among her accolades are her victories at major tournaments. This includes her very first Major title at the USWDGC and noteworthy wins at various DGPT events, showcasing her exceptional talent and competitive spirit.

Career Milestones

Kristin Tattar celebrated a career grand slam with her triumph at the 2023 European Open, achieving victories in four unique PDGA Major events. She also etched her name in history with a Grand Slam sweep in 2023, displaying her dominance in the field.

Player Ratings and Records

Tattar has continually broken barriers with her player ratings, reaching an event rating of 999. Her record breaking achievements include maintaining the highest PDGA rating for an Estonian female, which speaks volumes about her skill level and consistently strong performances in the sport.

Influence and Sponsorships

Kristin Tattar with Hannah McBeth and Paige Pierce
Photo via Jay Proffitt

Kristin Tattar has made significant strides in the disc golf world, not just by her performance but also through strategic partnerships and sponsorships that leverage her visibility and influence in the sport.

Disc Manufacturer Partnership

Kristin Tattar’s partnership with the Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64 has been a pivotal move in her career. Boasting a lucrative four-year extension worth $500,000, this deal underscores her value in the disc golf community and establishes her as one of the top earning female athletes within the sport.

Notable Collaborations

Outside of her partnership with Latitude 64, Tattar’s influence extends into collaborative efforts with key figures like Paige Pierce and Catrina Allen. These top FPO players work together to promote the sport, elevating women’s disc golf to unprecedented heights.

Impact on Women’s Disc Golf

Tattar has significantly impacted women’s disc golf by continually delivering top performances. She’s a multiple-time champion, including titles at prestigious events such as the Dynamic Discs Open, inspiring female players globally. Her success has helped spotlight the FPO division and encourage more participation from women.

Role as a Brand Ambassador

As a brand ambassador, Tattar represents her sponsors with pride and professionalism. Collaborations with brands like Bushnell have amplified her voice as an advocate for the sport. She not only promotes products but also the values of disc golf, reaching fans worldwide and compelling them to be a part of the growing community.

Competitions and Tours

Kristin Tattar’s career in disc golf features impressive performances across major events, attesting to her skill and consistency. Her journey through the sport highlights significant triumphs in PDGA majors, as well as notable achievements on the Disc Golf Pro Tour and in international competitions.

Major Events and Wins

Tattar has clinched several Major titles, showcasing her dominance in the sport. Her victory at the PDGA Champions Cup and successive wins at the World Championships are testament to her exceptional talent. In 2023, she made history with her grand slam sweep, winning five consecutive Major victories and boasting six Major titles over five years.

Disc Golf Pro Tour Highlights

Within the DGPT, Tattar has left a distinct mark with her performances. At the Jonesboro Open, she has competed fiercely, while the Open at Austin has seen her deliver memorable plays. Her agility and precision have been on full display throughout the DGPT season, especially in the Elite Series and Silver Series events.

International Tournaments

Kristin Tattar has not just excelled locally but has also been a formidable competitor in Europe. She claimed victory at the prestigious European Open and the PCS Open, reinforcing her status as a top-tier player on the international stage.

Seasonal Performances

Tattar’s 2020 season was particularly challenging due to travel restrictions, yet she remained a leader in European events. In 2023, she continued to excel, as reflected by her grand slam and consistent top finishes throughout the season, further proving her adaptability and resilience no matter the circumstances.

Personal Life

Kristin Tattar’s personal life reveals a balance of intense competition and diverse interests off the course. Her rich life filled with activities and meaningful connections, parallels her success in disc golf.

Off-the-Course Activities

Beyond her accolades in disc golf, Kristin is a former competitive cross-country skier. Her love for travel is evident, as the sport takes her around the globe. Engaged to Silver Lätt, she relishes their bond, having blossomed despite their different stages of life when they first met. Kristin also enjoys various music, bringing additional harmony to her life away from the competitive edge of the FPO (Female Pro Open) division.

Inspirational Female Figure

Kristin serves as an inspiration to many, standing alongside influential figures like Juliana Korver and Hailey King in professional disc golf. As the first Estonian female to achieve such a high PDGA rating, she has not only raised the bar for her country’s athletes but also for the sport of disc golf. Her journey reflects dedication, growth, and the power of following one’s passion.

Disc Golf Community and Legacy

Kristin Tattar has significantly influenced the disc golf community, leaving an indelible legacy in the sport. She excels as a role model, promoting disc golf and contributing to its growth while actively participating in charitable initiatives.

Fanbase and Disc Golf Promotion

The Estonian athlete Kristin Tattar has garnered a substantial fanbase, enhancing her status as a household name within the Female Professional Open (FPO) realm. Her charismatic presence and performance at events like the Jonesboro Open have been pivotal in promoting disc golf through various channels, engaging fans worldwide.

Contribution to Sport Growth

Tattar’s achievements, which include multiple Major victories, have captivated the PDGA community and spotlighted the potential of professional women in the sport. She has influenced course design, ensuring they meet competitive standards, and has been instrumental in encouraging more women to participate at the highest levels.

Participation in Charitable Causes

Beyond the course, Tattar’s commitment to charity reflects her community spirit. Her active participation in charitable events showcases how disc golfers can leverage their platform to support worthy causes, fostering a sense of community and social responsibility within the sport.