Here’s 9 helpful Disc Golf Tips For Beginners

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

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Paul Ulibarri explaining some of his favorite forehand disc golf tips for beginners

Venturing into the thrilling world of disc golf? A hearty welcome to you! As you step into this vibrant community, I’ve put together a list of beginner-friendly disc golf tips to boost your confidence and performance on the course.

Here are the nine tips I wish I had known when I first started throwing..

1. Embrace Understable Discs

Understable midrange discs are a beginner’s best friend. They tend to turn right for right-hand backhand throws early in their flight, making them:

  • User-friendly: They reach their ideal flight speed easily and have a good chance of flying straight for new players.
  • Versatile: Great for a variety of shots, from straight paths to anhyzers and rollers.

2. Prioritize Control with Slower Discs

High-speed discs might sound tempting, but control is king.

  • Accuracy Matters: Discs rated at a speed of 7 or lower are generally more manageable for new players, blending decent distance with precision. I always recommend stable midrange discs as a great starting point for beginners.
  • Stay in Play: Slower discs reduce the risk of veering off into obstacles, ensuring clearer paths toward the basket.

3. Choose Comfort over Convention

While experts might suggest specific discs for certain shots, trust your gut.

  • Play Your Game: Use types of discs you feel at ease with, even if they aren’t conventionally used for that shot.
  • Evolve Over Time: As you progress, you’ll naturally refine your disc choices, hitting targets with slower discs that previously required faster ones.

4. Master the Short Game

While long drives are exhilarating, the short game often determines your score.

  • Practice Makes Perfect: Regularly practice your putting. A consistent putter can dramatically reduce your strokes.
  • Accuracy over Distance: Ensuring your upshots land close to the basket can make your subsequent putts easier and more successful.

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5. Never Hesitate to Ask

No one starts as an expert. Embrace learning at every step.

  • Join the Tribe: The disc golf community is welcoming. Link up with local players, attend group events, and ask questions freely.
  • Stay Curious: Embrace every game as a learning opportunity. Seek advice, adapt, and above all, relish the journey.

6. Perfect Your Grip

Gripping your disc correctly is fundamental.

  • Explore and Adapt: There are multiple grips – power grip, fan grip, and more. Explore and find what’s most comfortable and effective for you.
  • Consistency is Key: Once you’ve found your grip, ensure you maintain consistency to improve your throw’s accuracy and power. This is the key to throwing straight in disc golf.

7. Work on Your Stance and Footwork

Your lower body plays a vital role in the power and direction of your throw.

  • Balance is Crucial: Maintain a balanced stance to ensure a controlled and powerful throw.
  • Refine Your Steps: Pay attention to your footwork. The ‘x-step’ is a common technique that, when mastered, can add significant distance to your throws.

8. Plan Your Shots

Understanding the layout and challenges of a course can significantly impact your strategy.

  • Plan Your Shots: Before throwing, consider the path of the disc, potential obstacles, and wind direction. I always recommend throwing the shot you have the highest percentage chance of pulling off, rather than a risky one.
  • Visit in Advance: If possible, walking the course before playing can give you an edge, allowing you to plan shots and anticipate challenges.

9. Stay Relaxed and Enjoy the Game

It’s easy to get caught up in competition, but remember to enjoy the process.

  • Stay Calm: Tension can affect your throws. Breathe, relax, and focus on each shot.
  • Celebrate the Journey: Whether you nail the perfect shot or face challenges, cherish every moment on the course.

Embarking on your disc golf adventure is bound to be exhilarating. With these nine essential tips in your arsenal, you’re poised for success, growth, and tons of fun! Let the discs fly, and enjoy every moment of your game.