Innova Whale vs Aviar: A Putter Comparison

An Innova Whale putter next to an Innova Aviar putter


When it comes to reliable putters in the disc golf world, two popular options stand out: the Innova Whale vs Aviar. These discs each have their own unique qualities and are both well-regarded for their straight flight paths and reliable finishes. However, there are some key differences between them that can impact your disc golf game. Read on to find out which disc might be the best fit for your game.

Flight Characteristics

Both the Whale and the Aviar share similar flight numbers: 2 / 3 / 0 / 1. This means straight flight with minimal turn and a gentle fade at the end. However, there are slight variations in their flight patterns that can be important to consider:


  • Holds true for both low and high-powered throws.
  • Very resistant to turning over, making it ideal for sidearm throws.
  • Can achieve controlled turnover shots, thanks to its torque resistance and stability.
  • Torque-resistant and forgiving for smooth RHBH throws.


  • Straight flyer with a touch of fade at the end.
  • Great for beginner putters who want to learn proper form and consistency.
  • Reliable for both putting and throwing purposes.
  • Can handle various lines, making it suitable for approach shots as well.
A Yellow Innova Star Aviar

In terms of flight, the Aviar offers a more traditional and versatile putting and throwing experience, while the Whale excels in torque resistance and controlled turnover shots.

Feel and Plastic

The feel and plastic of a disc can greatly affect your grip and overall comfort. Here’s a breakdown of the differences:


  • Deep dish putter with a full, mid-size bead and blunt nose.
  • Better suited for players with larger hands due to its depth.
  • Available in several premium-grade and baseline plastics


  • Beadless putter with a comfortable grip.
  • Comes in various plastic options, including DX, KC Pro, and Star.
  • Popular choice for both putting and throwing purposes.

If you have larger hands or prefer a deeper grip, the Whale might suit you better. However, if you prefer a beadless design and a wide range of plastic options, the Aviar is the way to go.

Putting Performance

One of the most critical factors to consider when choosing a putter is how it performs in the circle. Here’s what you can expect from each disc:


  • Consistent in the circle with a stable finish.
  • Poppy with a glidey flight, requiring some adjustment at first.
  • Clean release and comfortable bead for finger placement.
  • Recommended for players with larger hands.
A Champion Glow Innova Whale


  • Widely recognized as one of the best putting putters in the game.
  • Straight flight with a touch of fade, making it ideal for accurate putts.
  • DX plastic offers a tacky grip, while KC Pro and Star provide more durability.
  • Suitable for players of all skill levels.

Both the Whale and the Aviar excel in putting performance, but the Aviar’s reputation as a top-notch putting putter gives it the edge, particularly for beginners looking to develop a consistent putting game.

Throwing Performance

While a reliable putt is essential, having a disc that can perform well on approach shots and drives is equally important. Let’s see how the Whale and Aviar compare in this aspect:


  • Versatile throwing putter with torque resistance.
  • Great for straight shots with minimal fade when thrown with normal power.
  • Can achieve controlled turnover shots when powered up.
  • Forgiving for RHBH throws and suitable for forehand throws as well.


  • Straight flyer that can hold any line, making it suitable for approach shots.
  • Reliable fade at the end of flight for controlled landings.
  • Comfortable grip and consistent flight.
  • Ideal for beginners and players who value accuracy over distance.

While the Aviar provides reliable performance for throwing, the Whale offers a torque-resistant and shapeable flight, making it a more versatile choice for controlled turnovers and shaping shots.

Which One Is Best for You?

Choosing between the Innova Whale and Aviar ultimately depends on your specific needs and preferences. To help you decide, let’s summarize the main considerations:

Choose the Innova Whale if you:

  • Prefer a deep dish putter with torque resistance.
  • Value controlled turnover shots and shaping capabilities.
  • Want a putter that is forgiving and intuitive for both RHBH and sidearm throws.
  • Have larger hands and enjoy a deeper grip.

Choose the Innova Aviar if you:

  • Seek a versatile putter suitable for both putting and throwing.
  • Value consistency and accuracy in your putts.
  • Prefer a beadless design and various plastic options to tailor your disc to your needs.
  • Want a comfortable grip and a straight flight with reliable fade.

Ultimately, both discs are highly regarded and trusted by players of all skill levels. If you have the opportunity, it’s worth trying out both and seeing which one feels like the perfect match for your game.

Comparison Chart

Here’s a handy chart summarizing the key differences between the Innova Whale and Aviar:

AspectInnova WhaleInnova Aviar
Flight Numbers2 / 3 / 0 / 12 / 3 / 0 / 1
Torque ResistanceVery resistant and shapeable for controlled turnoversStandard torque resistance
Ideal for SidearmsYesNo
Suitable for Larger HandsYesNo
Beadless DesignNoYes
Available Plastic OptionsKC Pro, Champion Glow, R-Pro, Pro, ChampionDX, KC Pro, Star, JK Pro, Pro, Halo Star
Putting PerformanceStable finish, poppy, fairly glideyStraight flight, touch of fade
Throwing PerformanceTorque resistance and shapeable for controlled turnoversStraight shots, reliable fade

Note: The information in this review is based on our own opinions and experiences, so individual results may vary. It is recommended to try both discs and find the one that suits your playing style the best.