MVP Glitch Review: Ultimate Hybrid Catch Disc


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Do you know how it feels to play the best of both worlds in a game of disc golf? This is precisely what you’ll feel when throwing the MVP Glitch. Engineered as a hybrid blend between a catch disc and a golf disc, it offers a unique twist to what you would expect from a standard disc.

Speaking from over 13 years of hands-on disc golfing experience, I know a game-changing disc when I see one. That’s why I’m eager to share my MVP Glitch review with you.

The Glitch offers an accessible, enjoyable experience for beginners yet packs enough performance to surprise even the most seasoned veterans. This makes it one of the best MVP discs in the market today. Let’s dive into the specifics and see if it’s a perfect addition to your disc golf disc bag.

A Closer Look At Flight Numbers

  • Speed: 1
  • Glide: 7
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 0

The MVP Glitch is something of an anomaly when it comes to disc golf drivers. Its speed rating of 1 starkly contrasts with higher-rated discs, indicating it’s a slow disc. But don’t let that mislead you. What the Glitch lacks in raw speed, it more than makes up for in glide.

With a glide rating of 7, it stays in the air for an impressive length of time. Even though I couldn’t chuck it as speedily as my other discs, it consistently reaches similar distances by refusing to come down!

It has a 0 turn and 0 fade, which translates to dead-straight plays with minimal deviation from its path, almost like a laser beam. This stability is excellent for precision throws when you have to thread your shot through tight corridors of trees.

Cracking The Code

A blue MVP Neutron Soft Glitch Special Edition with Black Rims
  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 2 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.60 cm
  • Rim Width: 0.80 cm

In terms of its physical specifics, the MVP Glitch sports a pretty standard diameter of 21.20 cm, falling in line with many discs on the market. It leads to a reliable and familiar grip most disc golfers should be comfortable with.

The height of 2 cm and rim depth of 1.60 cm give the disc a sleek but pronounced profile, easy to spot in the field. Its rim width is just 0.80 cm, considerably thinner than other discs. This slender rim offers more stability and control. It reduces the chance of unwanted turnover or roll, which could deviate the disc from its intended path – great for players who prioritize control over pure distance.

These PDGA-approved dimensions balance comfort and control, making the Glitch a well-rounded performer on the course.

Perfect For Beginners And Pros

The Glitch is an excellent disc for players at any level, but it truly shines as a great beginner disc. It allows for superior control and easy shot placement and is lighter than your average disc, ranging between 140g to 154g.

Seeing the Glitch in action can be awe-inspiring. It holds its line beautifully, making short tunnel plays or longer putts beyond the usual comfort zone feel simple – the disc just keeps going straight and precise.

This disc’s neutral flight path is a significant advantage for learners. It’s tolerant of mistakes and helps beginners understand flight patterns better. However, if you’re playing in windy conditions, it might become a challenge due to the disc’s light weight.

Unlock Your Potential

A pink MVP Neutron Soft Glitch with Black Rims c

The MVP Glitch serves a particular niche in the disc golf world as it’s a versatile tool. It’s touted as a blend between a catch disc and a golf disc, making it a delightful option for a warm-up catch game before an intense disc golf round. Here are a few shot types the disc is helpful for:

Long Putts

Due to its high glide and predictable flight, the Glitch can quickly close large distances without veering off course.

Precision Approaches

When you need an accurate play to close in on the basket, the Glitch offers a graceful, controlled path that runs straight and sits where it lands.

Over-Obstacle Shots

The Glitch’s floaty nature allows it to go high and easily clear obstacles.

Other Disc Recommendations

Yikun Claws

Although the Yikun Claws is more of a putter than a multipurpose disc, it has similar characteristics to the Glitch. The Claws also offer exceptional glide, making them excellent options for players who appreciate predictable and elongated throws. However, it lacks the hybrid catch/golf disc quality of the Glitch.

Innova Polecat

At first glance, the Innova Polecat appears to have a similar profile to the Glitch. Like the Glitch, the Polecat has a flat top and straight rim that fits comfortably in the hand. However, it doesn’t quite match the Glitch’s massive glide, and some users find that, unlike the Glitch, it can turn and burn on long throws or approaches. Still, it’s a great disc alternative for those seeking consistency in their throws.

Loft Hydrogen

The Loft Hydrogen, with its remarkably straight flight and gentle fade, can sometimes mimic the Glitch’s trajectory. It’s a reliable disc that could be substituted when needed but doesn’t provide the same level of multipurpose utility the Glitch offers.

MVP Glitch In Review

The MVP Glitch is the ultimate hybrid catch disc, offering versatile use on the disc golf course and beyond. Its high glide and superb stability result in remarkable distance coverage and a straight path, making it a perfect choice for beginners and low-power players who want outstanding performance with less effort.

However, despite its precision and control, it may not impress players who prefer heavy, fast, and overstable discs or those who frequently play on windy days due to its light weight.


  • High glide allows for long-distance throws and putts
  • Stable flight path provides precision and control
  • Great for beginners and low-power players
  • Versatile for both course play and casual catch games


  • Lightweight construction may not perform well in windy situations
  • May not appeal to those who prefer faster and more overstable discs