Unleashing the Disc Golf Dominator: Innova Destroyer Review


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Hello there, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! If you want to improve your game or consider an equipment upgrade, I’m here to help. In this Innova Destroyer review, I’m using my 13+ years of disc golf experience and shedding light on one of the market’s most trusted discs.

The Innova Destroyer is more than merely a disc—it’s a game-changer for many players. Its reputation precedes it, but does it live up to the hype? I decided it was time to delve into and examine this disc in detail, focusing on its key characteristics and real-world performance.

Join me as we explore the ins and outs of this disc golf titan, the Destroyer, and see if it might be the secret weapon you need to boost your throwing game.

Flight Numbers Decoded: Stability With Speed

Purple/Black Marble Innova Halo Star Destroyer with White Stamp
  • Speed: 12
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -1
  • Fade: 3

Boasting a speed of 12, the Innova Destroyer is one of the faster disc golf discs you’ll find on the market. This speed allows for long-distance throws, making it a great choice for experienced players striving for those extra yards.

With a glide rating of 5, the Destroyer maintains an impressive amount of loft during flight giving you that extra ‘air-time’ to maximize the distance. The turn factor of -1 indicates a slight tendency for the disc to curve right (for right-hand, backhand throws) at initial high speeds, requiring some skill to manage.

However, a high fade rating of 3 corrects this midway, bringing the disc back to the left at the end of its flight path. This stability at high velocities makes the Destroyer a reliable partner in windy conditions. This unique combination makes the Destroyer’s flight and stability a winner among disc golf fanatics.

Consistency In Your Plastic

  • Diameter: 21.10 cm
  • Height: 1.40 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.20 cm
  • Rim Width: 2.20 cm

The Innova Destroyer measures a diameter of 21.10 cm, one of the standard diameters for distance drivers. The height of the Destroyer at 1.40 cm and rim depth at 1.20 cm often hint towards a comfortable grip and releasing consistency.

The rim width at a generous 2.20 cm contributes highly to the disc’s fast speed. The wider the rim, the faster the disc tends to be. Compared to most other disc golf discs, these numbers hit the sweet spot regarding comfortable hand feel, aerodynamics, and distance potential.

These dimensions ensure consistency, predictable flight paths, and ample distance capabilities for seasoned and intermediate disc golfers. The Destroyer makes a good impression, whether compared to similar discs, in size, feel, or flight behavior.

This overstable distance driver also comes in various plastic, such as DX and Champion, much like many others in Innova’s lineup. It has also been considered to be one of the best discs for backhand throws.

Made For Disc Golf Pros

The Destroyer is amongst the #1 selling discs, making it popular among professional disc golfers and less experienced players. The Ricky Wysocki version in the Innova Star Destroyer mold was particularly liked. 

Because the Destroyer is overstable with a degree of turn, it provides exceptional glide and distance. Intermediate players often see the added distance on their forehand throws with the Destroyer than with other discs.

It excels in many situations, especially if you have a strong arm. Reading through numerous customer reviews, it’s clear that the Destroyer has been a solid performer in all weather conditions. The key to harnessing its power is understanding its characteristics and how they match your throwing technique.

A common feedback I came across was that the Destroyer is not beginner-friendly. Getting any noticeable turn from it can be challenging for those with slower arm speeds. In such cases, it mostly serves the purpose of hard sweeping hyzer shots or difficult flare shots around corners.

Conversely, players who’ve achieved consistent distances with slower discs, or have started turning over nine or 10-speed discs, might find a perfect partner in the Destroyer. However, the Destroyer might be too aggressive for players still working on their form. A slower disc like the Innova Wraith could be a more fitting initial choice.

That said, many players have recommended the Destroyer, favoring its star plastic version for those working on their forehand and looking for a great disc to up their game. So, while it may not be a beginner’s first choice, the Destroyer could be the tool you need to ascend to the next skill level, provided you’ve got the basics under your belt.

Dependable Distance Driver

A purple/white Innova Destroyer with Blue Stamp

The Destroyer is a stable long-distance driver, making it an ideal choice for those looking to cover large expanses of the disc golf course in a single throw. With its dependable path and consistent fade, it shines in scenarios where accuracy and control at top speed are paramount.

This disc is resilient against headwinds and off-axis torque throws, making it a reliable staple for diverse playing conditions. The Destroyer demonstrates considerable versatility and can be employed for a variety of shot types, including:

Max Distance Shots

The Destroyer was born for distance. This disc can achieve long-distance flights with a predictable path thanks to its quickness and fade.


With its dependable fade, the Destroyer is perfect for executing hyzer shots, curving the disc from right to left (for right-handed, backhand throws).

Forehand/Sidearm Shots

According to many users, the Destroyer shines exceptionally well with forehand throws. Its stability and predictable fade at top speed make it a go-to option for forehand throwers.

Similar Discs

While the Destroyer holds a special place in the hearts of many disc golfers, there is certainly no shortage of comparable drivers in the market. Let’s look at a few of them:

Legacy Outlaw

Like the Destroyer, the Legacy Outlaw offers a similar mix of speed, glide, and dependable fade. This disc is notable for its excellent distance capabilities. The Outlaw is often praised for its controlled reliability and grip.

Discraft Force

The Discraft Force is a speed 12 driver, much like the Destroyer. With a 0.4 cm wider rim, the Force is less accessible for players with smaller hands.

It’s extremely overstable and is best suited for experienced players looking for a driver that can withstand intense speed and power. Its high fade gives it a markedly different flight pattern than the Destroyer.

Thought Space Athletic Synapse

The Synapse, the flagship entry from Thought Space Athletics, is a professional-level distance driver designed for high performance. Stable enough to handle powerful throws or a stiff headwind, the Synapse exhibits a subtle high-speed turn. This makes it reliably stable for those maximum distance shots that you aim for.

It’s always crucial to note that while these discs might have similar flight numbers and fulfill similar roles, they each have their unique properties and may not necessarily serve as direct replacements. Experimenting with different discs is a key part of the disc golf journey, and I encourage you to try each of these to see which best suits your playstyle and preferences.

Innova Destroyer Review: Final Thoughts

Pink/Black Innova Destroyer Calvin Heimburg with Holographic stamp

The Destroyer is a high-speed, stable, long-distance driver perfect for those with strong arms and those heading into the intermediate or advanced levels of play. It might not be the best fit for beginners due to its high speed and fade, but it is highly recommended for those looking to push their game further.


  • Reliable and predictable flight path
  • Ideal for long-distance throws and strong winds
  • Great for sidearm throwers and those with powerful throws
  • Comes with the perfect combination of speed, glide, and stability


  • Could be challenging for beginners due to high speed and fade
  • Requires a strong arm for maximized benefits