Innova Teebird Review: A Classic Disc Golf Fairway Driver


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Hello there, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! Today, I bring you an in-depth Innova Teebird review – and trust me, this is one disc you need to know about.

Throughout my 13+ years of experience in the game, I’ve had the privilege of testing many discs. But one that I’ve kept coming back to is this disc, and for good reason. Its reputation can make even the most skeptical disc golfers nod in acknowledgment of its versatility and dependability.

Buckle up and join me on this deep dive as we take a flight down the fairway and explore what makes this a classic choice for users everywhere. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newbie, you won’t want to miss this.

Claim The Distance With Teebird

  • Speed: 7
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: 0
  • Fade: 2

The Teebird strikes a unique balance between speed and control. Positioned perfectly as a fairway driver, it maintains a dependable speed, ensuring adequate power, precision, and accuracy. Users from varying expertise levels can expect a steady and predictable performance.

The glide rating 5 enables this to sail smoothly over long distances without compromising control. With a turn rating 0, this disc offers a dependable flight without abrupt twists. Its fade score 2 sets it up for a soft left turn deck, making it a great choice for those requiring a discreet left finish.

In essence, it takes to the air in a straight and dependable manner, gliding with a commendable speed, making it one of the most consistent overstable fairway drivers on the market.

Practicality In Your Plastic

Light Purple Innova Halo Teebird Jennifer Allen Tour  Series with Black Stamp
  • Diameter: 21.20 cm
  • Height: 1.50 cm
  • Rim Depth: 1.10 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.70 cm

With dimensions tailored to serve everyone’s needs, Teebird stands true to the phrase, “devil’s in the details.”

Its standard-sized diameter (21.2cm) promises a steadiness and comfortable grip. Crafted with a low-profile height of 1.5cm, the disc cuts through the air, paving the way for target-oriented shots.

Adding to this is the 1.1cm rim depth, setting up for a user-friendly disc, especially for those with smaller hands. Wrapping up with a rim width of 1.7 cm, this stands classified as a fairway driver, achieving the right mix of speed and control.

Simply put, this product perfects disc golf practicality and remains a favorite among professional and recreational players.

Great For All Skill Levels

The Teebird is a classic disc with quite a reputation in disc golf. It is lauded as a trustworthy, all-around control driver, capable of maintaining straight lines with a steady fade throughout its performance. It’s the very definition of a dependable disc.

That’s not just my opinion, either. Many reviews praise this as a “go-to” fairway driver. One disc golfer said it was the “most reliable disc” they had thrown. Another mentioned they have multiple Teebirds in their bag of various wear stages, consistently delivering expected results.

New players will find this disc a perfect entry point into the world of fairway drivers. There’s just something familiar and comforting about it. For novices, it’s dependable and easy to handle, and it’s an excellent disc to help you learn disc golf fundamentals such as accuracy, hyzer control, and distance management.

Intermediate and more skilled users won’t be disappointed, either. Its straightness and high glide offer an impressive combo, allowing for accurate and long flying shots, both upwind and downwind. The disc is touted as “controllable,” with one player even mentioning that it was the first disc they could count on for navigating around trees.

Its classic design, dependability, and approachable learning curve make it an attractive driver for all skill levels. It’s the kind of disc that can follow you from beginner to seasoned pro, never losing its relevance or utility. This is the power of a true classic.

Among The Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

The Teebird, in essence, is all about control and reliability. Its straightness, with a steady fade, positions it as an essential fairway driver in many players’ bags, irrespective of the situation.

This is a disc you can reach for when you need that reliable, predictable game. Whether facing an obstacle-filled fairway or needing a precise, straight shot, this disc comes to the rescue. Its strength lies in its flexibility and unfailing trustworthiness.

One key advantage is its performance in varying wind conditions. It can maintain a straight flight whether you’re throwing into a headwind or enjoying the assistance of a tailwind. This makes it a veritable asset for up and downwind throws.

This can be used for a variety of scenarios, including:

Straight shots

Its neutral stability makes it apt for driving straight down the fairway. Release it flat, and it will hold a straight line before finishing with a light fade to the left (for RHBH throwers).


This also performs fantastically for hyzers. Given its predictable fade, you can count on this disc to follow a sweeping curve to the left, dipping quickly to the ground.


This has the stability to hold an anhyzer line throughout its performance. This technique is used when you need your disc to curve to the right before inevitably fading back left at the end.

Similar Discs

Discmania Instinct

Like the Teebird, the Discmania’s first-ever original fairway driver, the Instinct, provides stability and predictability. It’s an excellent choice for those long control shots where you need a disc to maintain a specific line.

Discraft Stalker

The Stalker gets its comparisons with this due to its similar speed and straight, stable performance. However, it might offer a tad bit more turn as it flies. It fills the gap for those looking for something between a Buzzz and a Predator.

Dynamic Discs Maverick

The Maverick shares a speed rating similar to the Teebird but might lean towards being more understable. This could make it an attractive alternative for players looking for a fairway driver that can offer more high-speed turns.

It’s always a good idea to experiment with different discs to find out what fits best with your unique playing style. Each of the discs listed above brings some unique characteristics to the table, and though they are similar, each of them could easily find a home in your bag based on your preference and the courses you play most often.

Innova Teebird Review: Final Thoughts

Green Innova XXL Barbarian Champion TeeBird with Red Stamp

The Teebird is the quintessential fairway driver: reliable, predictable, and versatile. Its design radiates control, making it an excellent choice for beginners learning the ropes and pros looking for consistency.

Whether you’re playing in wind conditions, looking to navigate tree-laden fairways or want a trusted disc for any scenario, this has your back.


  • Dependable, straightness with a steady fade
  • Performs superbly both upwind and downwind
  • Versatile, making it useful in a variety of techniques and course conditions
  • Suitable for disc golfers of all skill levels


  • Might require a little break-in period before it achieves its signature flight characteristics for certain plastics
  • Could be a bit overstable for absolute beginners, but useful in their disc progression