Four different types of disc golf discs stacked on top of eachother

Types Of Disc Golf Discs (For Beginners)

Kyle Labine | PDGA #145718

Disc golf is a sport rich in variety, not just in terms of courses and playing styles but also in ...

Five of the best understable midrange disc golf discs on a wite background

The Easiest Understable Midrange Discs To Throw


Find the best understable midrange discs that are easy to throw straight. Our top picks are great for any skill level!

A photo of seven overstable fairway drivers

The 7 Best Overstable Fairway Drivers (Currently)


Are you tired of fairway drivers that just don’t cut it in the wind? Say goodbye to unreliable flights and ...

Five overstable distance drivers on a white background

The 9 Best Overstable Distance Drivers (In My Opinion)


I’ve read all of the best overstable distance driver reviews online, and honestly, they suck. Almost all of them include ...

A pink Discraft Vulture next to a blue Anax

Discraft Vulture Vs Anax: Overstable Drivers


The Discraft Vulture and Anax are both popular control drivers from Discraft’s lineup. While they have some similarities, they also ...

Discraft Zone Review: Get In The Disc Golf Zone!


Hello, fellow disc golfers! Today, I want to dive deep into the Discraft Zone, a disc that has been a ...

Innova Teebird Review: A Classic Disc Golf Fairway Driver


Hello there, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! Today, I bring you an in-depth Innova Teebird review – and trust me, this ...

Unleashing the Disc Golf Dominator: Innova Destroyer Review


Hello there, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! If you want to improve your game or consider an equipment upgrade, I’m here ...

Discraft Zombee vs Buzzz: Are They Really Even Different?

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

When it comes to midrange/fairway discs, two of the most popular are the Discraft Zombee and the Buzzz. In this ...

Paul Ulibarri explaining some of his favorite forehand disc golf tips for beginners

Here’s 9 helpful Disc Golf Tips For Beginners

Denis Flaschner, (Pro) | PDGA #49081

Venturing into the thrilling world of disc golf? A hearty welcome to you! As you step into this vibrant community, ...

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