Innova Teebird Review: A Classic Disc Golf Fairway Driver


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Unleashing the Disc Golf Dominator: Innova Destroyer Review


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Discraft Zombee vs Buzzz: Are They Really Even Different?

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Paul Ulibarri explaining some of his favorite forehand disc golf tips for beginners

Here’s 9 helpful Disc Golf Tips For Beginners

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An Innova Whale putter next to an Innova Aviar putter

Innova Whale vs Aviar: A Putter Comparison

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Overview When it comes to reliable putters in the disc golf world, two popular options stand out: the Innova Whale ...

The 19 Best Disc Golf Putters In 2023


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MVP Reactor vs. Axiom Hex: A Comparison Review

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MVP Glitch Review: Ultimate Hybrid Catch Disc


Do you know how it feels to play the best of both worlds in a game of disc golf? This ...

MVP Signal Review: Up Your Disc Golf Game With This Driver


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The Best Disc Golf Throwing Putters In 2023

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Why on earth would anyone drive with a putter? It seems counterintuitive, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that ...

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