A pencil and scorecard to calculate disc golf round rating

How To Calculate Disc Golf Round Ratings: A Guide

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So you just shot your personal best at your local course. The drives were going where you wanted, the putts ...

A photo of four mini disc golf discs on grass

What Are Mini Discs Used For In Disc Golf?

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You may never see a mini if all you play are casual rounds. In a non-competitive setting, there isn’t much ...

A disc golf player demonstrating the provisional shot rule on the course

What Is A Provisional In Disc Golf? Shot Rule Explained

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Have you started learning more about your disc golf journey and encountered unfamiliar terms? That’s natural! Today we’ll be discussing ...

A clipboard with disc golf tournament rules for the PDGA

7 Disc Golf Tournament Rules To Know At Your First Event

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A crowd of spectators at a disc golf tournament

9 Pro Tips for Spectating Your First Disc Golf Tournament

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Drew Gibson standing at the Portland Open disc golf tournament

The Portland Open Disc Golf Tournament: Winners & Info

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The Portland Open disc golf tournament is one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious events every summer. Every year, ...

Three Innova roller discs on a green lawn

The 9 Best Innova Roller Discs To Learn With

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When selecting the best Innova roller disc for you, one crucial factor to consider is disc stability. Understable discs make ...

Paul McBeth on a disc golf podcast

The 11 Best Disc Golf Podcasts In 2024

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With free access and open availability, most of the best disc golf media comes in podcast form. As a self-diagnosed ...

A Photo of Kona Panis, Professional Disc Golf Player Putting In Tournament

9 Surprising Kona Panis Disc Golf Facts

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The perennially sunny Kona Panis made disc golf headlines in 2022 when she left Innova for Dynamic Discs. Her confidence ...